Entrepreneurship, please protect intellectual property, do not wait until lost, and then too late to

In the early days of – thanks to our technical team of talented minds, come up with such a talented scheme to solve the problem of the industry, the product was in short supply, hey, how did people order, what? Competitors out fake?! find a lawyer to sue them! The lawyer asked, do you have

The application of artificial intelligence technology in Phoenix in Shanghai

we should all feel Shanghai Longfeng increasingly difficult to do, some people have felt no principles of Shanghai dragon, is no longer so easy to get ranking in the search engine. Here to share an article on the application of artificial intelligence in the Shanghai dragon in the hope that we can take a look.

The 30 day count every minute and second to make your website to enter the home page ranking

spider refers to the direct path specification in web crawling, the best is the ancient Huashan Road, if there are two paths, so the author suggests using robots function of shielding one. The search engine is the same for dynamic and static websites, but for dynamic website path is not too long, the directory is

Website optimization voting strategy is just outside the chain of production

familiar with the Shanghai dragon industry know the website optimization in recent years is not very good, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er began to switch, that is at an end without Shanghai dragon profit possible. Of course, some people continue to adhere to, because we think, no matter how search engines change, the user

YAHOO statistical small bug and Solutions

Hello everyone. I’m www.jqku.cn’s webmaster. My station was built just before, put YAHOO statistical code. Here’s what I used in YAHOO statistics encountered in bug and solutions. why use YAHOO statistics? Personal feeling, Yahoo statistics, 51.la statistics is more accurate, and the server is more stable. And also add message function. Hey, this message function