Lei Jun the Internet and the countryside will become a hot spot in the future

founder Lei Jun millet is an excellent entrepreneur, he put forward many ideas in the entrepreneurial road, forecasts the future development trend of the entrepreneurial environment, let many people look up to as the standard. Lei Jun said that the Internet and rural areas will be the main focus of investment in the future innovation

What do you want to do to open the cabinet stores

now, with the increase of working pressure, selection of young entrepreneurs more, whether it is to shop, agent, choose a suitable project, entrepreneurship is the premise, open cabinets stores become the choice for entrepreneurs on the road, for experienced entrepreneurs to say, maybe to compare easy, but for no business experience, especially for the understanding

Huangyuan compulsory education phase to achieve zero charges

March 21st, a reporter from the Huangyuan County Education Department learned that this year, Huangyuan county is exempt from the compulsory education stage student homework fee, 14 thousand students benefit from the implementation of zero charge in the stage of compulsory education. in recent years, Huangyuan county education as an important livelihood projects to grasp.

Tobacco business should not be inadequate supply

different operators will have different attitudes towards the same thing. For example, the current retail stores will operate cigarette retail customers, some very bold, resulting in too much inventory, and some retail customers is overcautious, lead to insufficient inventory. No matter what kind of, in fact, are not allowed to operate retail business phenomenon. shop