Google explain the use of Adsense channel

was the first to say a digression, I mainly use the Google browser, but Admin5 published an article, the article content area no editor, can only enter the text, all can only switch to IE. I hope Admin5 technicians can solve this problem.

just do a lot of friends do not understand the channel on the Adsense, the forum, QQ group (group number 63320707) often asked questions about the channel.

what is the channel it can be understood:

if you have a number of sites, each site has a number of locations to put Adsense ads, how to view the different domain names, the effect of different locations of the ad? read more

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Do Wangzhuan on housekeeping service promotion

bidding to promote domestic service

had a serious sewer blockage at home, so the Internet search quickly dredge sewer housekeeping services. After the call to find the past, the other side received a phone call that they are an information platform company, for a while to notify the sewer cleaner to call me back. Shortly after the phone call, on a good price is 30 yuan, 10 minutes after the plumber arrived at my house, with the tools of less than two minutes to solve the problem of the sewer. Then he immediately went to another treatment. I asked him how much business every day, he said there are dozens of single business every day, every single 10 yuan commission to the information platform of read more

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Can not find the profit model is not 2 of the wrong

Haven’t write anything, on the one hand is busy with work, but also because the Internet is afraid, this year an eventful year, from the beginning to the present Hula up new concept a large site, and now to splinters down a piece of. The Internet is like this, in the capital of the catalyst is always out of a beautiful bubble, and then quickly disappeared.

building profit this point is not 2 problems, all new entrepreneurial Internet problems faced by enterprises. This problem has plagued Sina, Sohu, also plagued QQ, NetEase, dangdang. read more

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Discuz! Community interview Voices Online nternet transformation is entrepreneurs paradise

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs (owners) conference in May is about to start, in order to show the global Chinese community style, the Organizing Committee of the general assembly ( combined spray DoNews, network and other media together to create a "global Chinese community billboard" series of interviews. The following is a reporter to connect Voices Online executive editor Xie Feng interview.


: Voices Online team

Q=Discuz! 2013 Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference organizing committee read more

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Circle of friends Entrepreneurs small city consumption Guaixiang you don’t understand the four or fi

I is a group of people earlier in the circle of friends to sell things, then it has been reported that some people do a million monthly water in the circle of friends, feel that they will soon be able to reach, but it is not so easy to find." White told reporters, "as you think you are not the same, in the big city saw a lot of rich handsome, meet people in small towns, you will find that you do not understand them".

/ Gu Xiaobo / Wang Su


lead: I was a group of people earlier in the circle of friends to sell things, then it has been reported that some people do a million monthly water in the circle of friends, feel that they will soon be able to reach, but it is not so easy to find." White told reporters, "as you think you are not the same, in the big city saw a lot of rich handsome, meet people in small towns, you will find that you do not understand them". read more

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Ali mother advertising alliance to enter the food market stage

The site of the

all know that a site’s survival needs certain economic support, the do not say, said one domain name and space out of this website, will not fall from the sky, need to get money to buy. Raise a website achievement this term Wangzhuan, but also the achievements of the big and small advertising alliance.

is now the number of advertising alliance, so it is hard to imagine, but in fact the so few: Google Adsense, Baidu and Ali mother, small needless to say, with the search engine can now find hundreds or even thousands of years, but the reputation is not to say, filled with a large bag advertising alliance, hang a webmaster immediately closed, another domain name again. read more

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Listen to Yang Haoyong talking about how to change the height of fushuai from grass root

chat with Yang Haoyong, China increasingly feel that the Internet is a grass root is the king of the market, you put the grass root have good service, you can become rich handsome. By this way, YY, fortune 9158 giants, Yang Haoyong grand, now with his also through this model in just a few years from the grass root becomes rich handsome.

Yang Haoyong’s idea is very simple, is summed up in two words: one is concentrating on the 2 and 3 line of the city; two is the flagship mobile terminal. The removal of public relations, speculation and exaggerated ingredients, this time we asked him to share the hope of providing some reference for dry cargo business or for business people. Specifically, in recent years they have done the following things: read more

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Do Wangzhuan have to do the preparatory work before

often see someone in the online shopping, found a good project, click on the registration address to go in, but because they do not have the web site requires a mailbox and network bank accounts and blocked. To go through the registration, Wangzhuan project, do the preparatory work in advance is compulsory for each staff to engage in wangzhuan.

first, registered Alipay account. Because many domestic Wangzhuan projects support Alipay to pay. Is currently the most popular online payment platform. read more

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Speaking of the website registered Wangzhuan Mingxuan analysis (on)

After a

article on the personal experience of novices to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan published in A5, there is a lot of friends and I QQ to ask, I feel very happy. For a newcomer, Wangzhuan is the most attractive place to be able to earn extra money in leisure time, only need a computer with an Internet can make money is no longer a dream. But in the face of many dragons and fishes jumbled together Wangzhuan project, we aim to make money, but how much we don’t just want to It differs from man to man., cheated on the line. read more

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Some discussion about posting money

is now more and more people make money on the Internet, a variety of forms, there are new, there are old, Wangzhuan can be said to have become a hot topic of popular. To each big forum posts can make money, this is a way to make money online, and is also very popular, many users are engaged in the work, put it as a part-time labour, can earn some money, but has recently found in the forum there are many a special person post promotion master, here is this part of people is how to make money, they have what good method can guarantee the advertising effect. read more

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A5 essay SEO road dream into reality

introduction: Wang Xiaocai himself, but I love my SEO are called the 7 ghost ghost friends, presumably some friends heard of me this SEO bound " neonatal " contact the word SEO time two years. I believe in reading this article, the term "7 ghosts" recognition will be many people know.

about the essay 7 ghost conceived for a few days, at the same time before writing this article, carefully read the previous twenty essay. Each have a lot of feelings after watching, like SEO 7 ghost road is not a person in the struggle, we are under a lot of a bet for the bright future, sacrifice their youth or with love, time to accompany their parents in learning SEO. Wish everyone in the SEO industry is a snapshot of the dream into reality. read more

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The actual share entrepreneurship, to create enterprise culture

even if it is not a day to instill corporate culture, you can not do anything, or occasionally think only to strengthen the.


Christopher Hann

in the field of business, success is not only a pile of dazzling sales data, but rather some deeper philosophy: what is your enterprise’s lifeline? You want to pass what value to customers and employees? The excellent enterprise road, began in the establishment and embracing the positive, highly efficient enterprise culture.

5 years ago, Mike West founded BPV Capital Management company, and he led the joint venture investment companies to go by like the wind speed expansion. In 2013 alone, the Knoxville, a Tennessee based company, has a workforce of nearly 38, almost double. When we explore the mysteries of rapid growth with West, he first mentioned hard work and innovation. However, he also pointed out that since the beginning of the formation of the important role of corporate culture. read more

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Make your website and forum easy to increase the amount of traffic

Use the fastest time to make your site and forum easy to increase the amount of traffic

method to increase the amount of access forum:

1. Not too many columns.

have dozens of registered members of the forum, there are two columns, thirty…

in the forum registered members is less than 500, preferably only 3-5 columns, each registered more than 500 people when you can add a column. This is easier to gather popularity. Think about it, users see the post in the column is very few, very few people, cold, people will go to you there?. Column less or more management development. read more

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Venture Godfather advice to investors action quickly take less equity

Y Combinator founder Paul · (Paul) (Graham)

in the highly competitive business environment in the future, investors have the opportunity to earn more money? Y Combinator founder Paul · (Paul Graham) answer: can. With the cost of entrepreneurship is getting lower and lower, excellent start-up companies will increase, suitable for investors to invest in the ideal start-up companies will increase.

at the Pre-Money conference held last week at the Silicon Valley business incubator 500 Startups, Graham to angel investors to make some suggestions. These suggestions can be summed up in one sentence: action quickly, do not want to get a certain amount of equity and over investment in start-up companies. read more

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Promotion plan for novice station operation

This paper mainly tells

to do station novice

goal: through this promotion to enhance the visibility of the site, visit IP, PV, Alexa rankings. Through the promotion of the site to improve the real flow, to achieve the purpose of sales.

a free promotion:

1 first, with a perfect program, the program as much as possible to use the generated htm. The benefits of static pages (1) to speed up the page to open the browser speed (2) is conducive to search engine included. Program security is very important, it is recommended to use JSP. Or PHP can also, he will not write, please help you do it, there is not a few money. I can not find you can trust me, I help you find someone to do procedures. Selected space. read more

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Like to use the forum to build a friend

Recently a lot of official DV, DISCUZ, LEADBBS jar, and the new molyx.We all love that compared the different program to do

1 I really need what kind of program? Talking about the location of websiteI also love the first

first said my jar. I was for our Hainan local students, fashion and entertainment content preferences, so we need is a powerful and stylish atmosphere of the forum, but because we have experienced hacker incidents (when using lb), so the security problem is concerned, once to VBB, but because the function cannot meet our forum as a fashion student needs, and ultimately did not hesitate to choose the commercial program DV. While our jar scale is now more than 20 thousand registered users, more than 1 million posts every day, an average of more than 200 online posts, average above 2000……

2 to talk about the so-called security

website was hacked, you have to see it for herself? You said that DV security can not, why others on the good not black? I think it is more important for our lack of security awareness, some people put the forum, even the database suffix does not change, as I see it is deserved to be black! But the data backup is important, even if you have a perfect program can not rule out the natural calamities and man-made misfortunes?

read more

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The whale founder Chen Ge then start from the music why intelligent hardware starting

Chen Ge said that the choice of business intelligence hardware is very normal. When Jobs returned to apple, the choice is iPod with itunes. Wearable devices and the trend, it is possible to start from the music wearable devices.

well-known legitimate music sites already stranded, whale whale founder Chen Ge did not stop the pace of entrepreneurship. Chen Ge has started the two venture, the starting point of the music to the wearable device.

The new company

Chen Ge called star poly technology, has received tens of millions of dollars of investment, shareholders include radium angel fund, Changzhou Li Excellence Fund, Changzhou property rights exchange, and was part of the Changzhou government subsidies. read more

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