QQ public number open registration and WeChat grab business…… And then stopped

competition in the future and WeChat public number is inevitable

QQ, the public suddenly open registration in July 4th. But if you are today to enter the http://s.mp.qq.com/ site, mostly blank page. Registration was stopped. Tencent may not have thought of their own good.

QQ public number registration page

but in fact, six months ago, QQ has a public number, this is only open registration.

November 2014 QQ launched the first mobile phone service number: YTO Yuantong express. This is a prelude. QQ public voice with the basic function of the experience of the trigger, than the WeChat public number of the menu and keywords reply, to come fresh fun. At that time, Tencent Global Partner Conference, Yin Yu, vice president of Tencent has revealed that the life of the phone QQ service number will be fully open registration in late 2014 or early 2015. read more

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MT webmaster need to DC to take pictures filing materials verification

in order to ensure the authenticity of the information site for the record, "the implementation of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further in-depth remediation special action plan" mobile phone pornographic work request: "basic telecom enterprises and various access service providers before the communications authority to submit a site for the record, to the identity information of face verification, effective retention the photocopy of the certificate, to review the main website information, contact information and access to information". On the basis of "Internet information services management approach" (State Council Decree No. 292nd), "non operational Internet information service for the record management procedures" (order of the Ministry of information industry No. thirty-third) the relevant provisions, formulate the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work plan. read more

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When are we going to have more than PV

      the Alexa controversy recently began lively, did not want to train this a pool of muddy water, and yesterday a friend talked about some things, but also want to say a few words.

      many domestic information opaque, it is difficult to open access to real data, a lot of things, for external and internal look will have huge difference, such as: small SP SP greater than the more fraud is a mistake, in fact, no money to settle a little SP at most "stealing bead", "* *" ability can only SP. read more

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Xiangeqing into the cable TV market will exceed millet Meng Kaifang rhetoric

original title: xiangeqing on radio and television network Kaifang super Meng rhetoric will millet

July 29th, chairman Meng Kai mouth "long silence" xiangeqing (002306.SZ) finally showed the restructuring of the drawings.

company announcement, xiangeqing will undertake Anhui province family intelligent cable cloud terminal exclusive investment in construction work, covering 5 million users, the total planned investment of 15-25 billion yuan. At the same time, xiangeqing to Institute of computing under the branch DNT Technology Co. Ltd. to increase 50 million yuan, accounting for 45% stake in the Target Corp. read more

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News that the mysterious buyers with six digit prices around Larry domain

According to the "

Chinese October 28th News reported yesterday, Baidu will launch" product life channel "in recent days, and enable two domain name domain name shenbian.baidu.com, Chinese forum users rebellion, Larry domain shenbian.com just last month by a Internet Co with six digit purchase price, will be used to establish the location related service platform, at present the site has access to.

Whois information that the domain name in the name China platform, domain name information display for Zhang Haifeng holdings, buyers of specific information is unknown, visit the domain name shenbian.com, site is still in the testing stage. read more

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Case analysis of how to optimize the use of classified information website promotion

said the website optimization promotion is website structure optimization, site content optimization and construction of the external links optimization promotion, from the optimization of several projects for a web site is very important, but with the search engine algorithm evolving and upgrading, especially for the construction of optimal station and external links for content optimization more and more strict requirements for the user experience, the increasingly high demand, upgrade from several times this year’s performance evolution algorithm more humane, exchange about the present problems in the website optimization and many webmaster, many webmaster external links construction optimization < because the external links at a loss, construction now after the adjustment of the algorithm, unlike in the past as casually in each big forum signature to a large number of top posts etc. You can quickly improve site keywords ranking, now in the forum signature has no what role, but some forum also canceled the signature > do not know how to do the construction of the external links will be more effective, but also can avoid the search engine punishment, when many owners for the chain construction it is almost a point of despair, the author put forward the construction of the chain is not what we imagine there is no place to do, you can through the B2B platform, classified information network to do the construction of the chain, through this kind of platform not only can be used as the construction of the chain platform, it is possible to directly through the platform the promotion of enterprise products. But in order to achieve good results in this kind of platform, has certain skills, rather than blindly full release, optimize promotion following the author from the optimization of the coffee machine industry website to talk about how to use the classified information network for website. read more

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Small and medium enterprises to carry out network marketing matters needing attention

network marketing refers to the use of the Internet as the main tool for the development of a marketing approach. In recent years, more and more extensive application of network marketing, covering all walks of life. Especially after the economic crisis, more enterprises to expand the network marketing and gain. It should be said that the use of e-commerce network marketing main body, improve the efficiency of the trade process.

e-commerce will become a reality and virtual cooperation, through the network to discuss cooperation, reducing the procurement sector of the artificial link, greatly reducing the waste of human resources. Small and medium enterprises, in particular, there is a shortage of human resources, the problem of insufficient capital turnover, and now through e-commerce, with the world’s suppliers or customers to establish a cooperative relationship. Companies from the line to the next line, from reality into the virtual, which is the advantage of the era of information network marketing. Typical case www.xdlfp.com www.njxtfp.com read more

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After the electricity supplier in the era of home appliance manufacturing rose or sink

as these days North once again been shrouded in haze sky, home appliance manufacturing industry in the era of electricity providers are gray. On the one hand, counterfeit and infringing goods, "cry up wine and sell vinegar" garbage commodity network is rampant, low and weaken the "quality" and China manufacturing level; on the other hand, from the previous panic buying sheep milk to the nearest toilet cover, the rise of overseas purchasing, panic buying, consumers are keen on foreign goods with the Chinese manufacturing, constantly push the face. read more

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Baidu children do not actually yellow green search is still yellow fossa navigation

December 14th hearing on December 13th, CCTV, North Korea, the smell of the column broadcast the news of the existence of the contents of the Yellow Baidu children search. Reported that, in the three years of testing the children’s search engine in the, enter the " chat " " passion " and other words, the search results turned out to be a large number of yellow web links. Subsequently, the people’s Daily reporter tried to open the web page, but has been blocked by Baidu Inc, only some children’s Web site address. However, in the Baidu search page in general, sensitive information is still not effectively shielded, pornographic results can easily be searched out. read more

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Mouth station preliminary orientation planning summary

in some time too much, big station asked me what CMS is better, I do not reply, just here and we exchange, because the problem is many webmaster turn dizziness, use this today, tomorrow for it, come and go, damage is a waste of time, but also has a good side. Is to learn good experience. However, the rapid development of the Internet technology today, and today a new CMS, another tomorrow, we can not find the rapid expansion of the internet. Our technology is unable to learned to learn all as a webmaster, the most important thing is how to operate your current website soon earn money to maintain your current life, this is reality. Our youth is limited, can not be on the issue of waste too much time. There is the choice of templates, a lot of people are also using this today, tomorrow and then change that. Changes in the program and template is the impact of the search. We did too much work. We do not advocate in the promotion of the article to do more, saying so much is mainly to say, as a webmaster if fancy for their own CMS to learn. One is enough, but one is special. Fine and easy to use! read more

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Behind water electricity charges booksellers inventory turnover

price war so that electricity supplier companies indigestion, upstream suppliers forced to become their new play".

the day before yesterday evening, President Shen Haobo motie book on micro-blog complained that a large domestic electricity supplier through low-cost underwriting products, the formation of slow-moving inventory, but not willing to pay their suppliers and.

insider on the first financial daily (micro-blog), said Shen Haobo refers to the large electricity supplier dangdang. However, dangdang.com not to respond. The attitude of Shen Haobo on the matter also changed yesterday, said he would not talk about the matter. "The day is over, the business has to do," Shen Haobo said in micro-blog. read more

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Robin Li said internal propaganda in the end what The main is to beat the headlines today.

said, there is a letter in the chicken at the beginning of Robin Li internal mail began circulating on the Internet today, eight sister see horses, more than 6 thousand words, a simple look, looks like some face mask, it didn’t say anything. However, carefully ask the eight sister and asked Baidu shoes, this is not an internal e-mail, but Robin Li in the middle of internal conference speech, the speech was also posted on the Baidu network, and then spread out. So, if this is such a level of speech, a little mask to the right. read more

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Adsense network broadcast Sina micro-blog was occupied by Tmall advertising where the network was sh

1 Chinese investors are "buying" Internet domain name  

.Com rich, almost everyone has heard the term. If you registered the domain name 20 years ago, then you may not need any mortgage in your life Mortgage.com.

that was 20 years ago. However, in China, the domain name trading just started a few years ago, is currently very hot.

China has the world’s richest people, but for the Chinese, how to invest in these assets (especially overseas investment) has long been a challenge. Due to the existence of such demand, China has had a variety of investment fever. Some investment opportunities bring good returns, while other investment opportunities, such as bitcoin, can not sustain the growth of wealth. read more

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The Tencent denied the report directly Liu Chunning police corruption investigation points out

denied the Tencent to report directly to Liu Chunning: police corruption doubt pull

news July 10th, according to the vice president, Alibaba group Ali pictures executive director Liu Chunning detained news, Tencent issued a statement said: at present, the outside world for the Tencent report Liu Chunning saying is not true.

Tencent said that Tencent Inc in the last year, an internal audit process, found that the first two years of the existence of corruption video team doubts, then reported to the public security organs. The police initially locked Yue Moumou, Moumou and other four or five employees, and in the further course of the investigation, Liu Chunning pull. In addition, for Liu Chunning in the position information of the Tencent, said Liu from the Tencent before leaving, the last post served as the general manager of the online video department, he served as general manager of the Department of development strategy, pat Network General manager. But outside the rumors of its Ma Huateng served as assistant to false information. read more

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Application store domain name into the focus of the market to expand

along with the continuous expansion of the Internet, the scope of investment in the domain name investment market is also more and more widely. Previously, the major portals have aimed at the emerging field of small, or buy a micro-blog related domain name registration or will launch its own micro-blog business, wireless applications become a new domain name investment market. Recently, a number of domestic listed companies will focus on the domain name strategy, at a high price to acquire a series of stock code domain name, IT listed stock code domain names become popular. Recently, a large number of domestic large enterprises to acquire the application store related domain names and then have been enabled, the direction of the application store domain name investors become the focus of attention. read more

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The 13 year old BT site suddenly shut down, it is difficult to search the seeds

BI Chinese station on August 5th reported

BT one of the world’s largest Torrentz website suddenly closed today.

Torrentz help users search BT seed file. The site has ceased operations, the notice shows: Torrentz always love you. Goodbye."

the site was founded in 2003. With many other BT sites, such as the Pirate Bay, Torrentz itself does not save any seed file, but a "meta search engine", i.e. the other search engines search, users want to find the information.

TorrentFreak website reported that Torrentz is the world’s largest BT seed meta search engine. read more

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Anhui parent home site local operations promotion program

Anhui home site positioning in his hometown is a regional nature of the nature of the B2C industry portal, a fixed customer base, while the Anhui parent-child home stores in Hefei have a certain brand influence. These are the development of the network of great help and available resources. The Chinese online commodity trading market has become more mature, the concept of online Amoy things has been gradually popular in Hefei, and the Anhui also has a large number of online shoppers, which are for the development of the site after the foundation. read more

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Copy capital! Durex, Taobao 11 double pinch results…

as the advertising and marketing sector a carry handle, @ Durex micro-blog official copy has been praised netizens. A double 11 coming late, Durex made a teaser poster, said "at the moment, the only way to" stop her shopping, below is a Durex condom, over time is 11:59".

so connotation of the copy attracted users praise, not only to resonate with the majority of men, but also secretly promoted a: Double 11 want to spend less, or OOXX cost-effective ah.

the ad came out, @ the official Taobao micro-blog Kanbuxiaqu, said: "I’m afraid innuendo…… You can’t stop for a few minutes". read more

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How to share through writing fun from the media

recently, since the media about writing quite touched, not only because he is walking on this road, and have friends around to write articles from the media, some of them are more earlier than me, see my article starts.

has a lot of friends to the old wheat message, including himself, but also have such a problem, why do you want to write articles? Why from the media to write out?

last month, laomai read an article "why write from the media?", I use mind map form out (pictured above), through the author’s ideas, we can find the answer you want. read more

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