Analysis of female nipple discoloration female health network

2, the nipple and areola of simple color deepened, become dark brown or dark brown, and even found a small nodule formation, areolar glands formed around the protrusions, this check did not breast lesions. We should think of whether the patient has serious liver disease? This is because of the decline in liver function caused by liver disease, estrogen in the liver is not the normal out solution, resulting in the nipple and areola color deepened, the male with severe liver disease who appeared in the "spider", "cinnabar palm", such as a frog. read more

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The plastic into the perfect chest to stay away from these arms pose humpback pashui health netw

for the regular working women, the most common posture is bent at the desk, in front of the computer, keep a long time.

because of lean sideways or lying on the table, right in the breasts on the fulcrum of extruding. Research shows that if the hard edge of the table by breast extrusion for nearly 1.5 hours, can interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, a long time will cause adverse consequences. Such as ignoring the breast health, there will be a lot of people breast fullness, chest and back pain and other muscle sour unspeakable armpit discomfort. read more

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Fast method to make menstruation in advance what female health network

online pharmacies: Health Net CFDA

fast to menstruation early? The above describes three ways to make early menstruation for everyone, are taking progesterone, urged by needle and taking the pill, through these methods can make early menstruation. However, these methods are achieved through drugs, with more side effects, improper use of words, the greater the harm to women, so be careful to use.

3, contraceptive


more > >


fast way to make menstruation ahead

contraceptives in addition to contraception, but also can adjust the menstrual cycle. In particular, some hormonal contraceptives, the stimulation of women, not long-term use. If you want to adjust the menstrual cycle by taking birth control pills, be sure to take it under the guidance of a doctor. read more

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Water is a disease of nipple color signal female health network

1, mammary duct ectasia

1, the nipple and areola color deepened, and surrounded by double nipple and areola itching, breast examination can be found in the bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia or cystic hyperplasia. The nipple and areola color deepened that estrogen levels increased as the target organ of breast lesions, is consistent with the law of occurrence.

breast is a symbol of women, but in recent years, the number of women with breast cancer and other diseases showed an upward trend. How to find the killer had secretly invade your breasts, you must have some secret weapon! read more

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How do women prevent breast cancer ‘s health network

breast cancer can be said to be one of the most feared cancer, how to prevent breast cancer is also a matter of great concern to women. So, today, let’s get to know how to stay away from breast cancer!

now many women entering the workplace life, some even stay up late in overtime, with every day, it will not only bring the skin problem annoying, but also increase the probability of breast cancer.

actually, prevention is not

how to prevent breast cancer? 1 eat more fish

how to prevent breast cancer? 5 refused to stay up late read more

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The left breast is not large and right small diseased health network

"after the development of the two breasts of women do have differences, generally more than the right side of the left side, but it is difficult to distinguish between visual, only through careful measurement can be found. So it’s not sick." Professor Su Fengxi said. The size of the left and right breast size of the phenomenon of fertility and sexual function is not affected, there is no harm to health.

common adolescent female breast left large and right small

congenital nipple depression or affect sexual desire read more

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Milk this important 3 aspects to keep breast health network female beauty

experts said, chocolate, ice cream and other high calorie food, not only make people fat, but also harm the breast, causing breast lipoma, and even breast cancer, the incidence of 30-50 years of age in the majority. This is because excessive intake of fat and animal protein, promote the production and release of certain hormones in the body, will stimulate the proliferation of mammary gland epithelial cells, which is one of the important causes of breast disease. In addition, eat less salted food, these pickled foods contain more nitrite, is a carcinogen. If the patient of hyperplasia of mammary glands often eat this kind of food may cause hyperplasia of mammary gland malignant transformation, the formation of breast cancer. read more

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A woman’s Daily touch the chest body alert health network

hyperplasia of mammary gland hyperplasia of the breast is a monthly breast mass on both sides will appear, their sizes, flake or knot leaflike, patient age >

fiber cyst most notably breast lumps, and most of the time only mass for this feature, they are usually 1-3 cm in size, touch smooth, tough, clear boundary, and the surrounding breast tissue without adhesion, activity is also large, and the sliding motion. In general, the cyst occurs mostly in the breast, but also in the outer edge, they will not come with menstrual changes, especially adolescent female, if you feel that you have fiber cyst, this is a very common phenomenon, you only need to go to the hospital to check and make sure that it is a benign fibrous cyst can, without special treatment. read more

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Don’t worry too much about female breast hyperplasia ‘s health network

breast hyperplasia and breast cancer have a direct relationship, is still not sure. Some experts believe that cystic hyperplasia of mammary glands in the development of the proliferation of tissue necrosis, the body is subject to this chronic stimulation, it will be difficult to change the appearance of cancer. However, from the current study, only about 3% to 5% of patients with hyperplasia of breast cancer. On the other hand, because breast cancer is slow in cancer, what measures do not take the case, it also need 33 months to happen, so even with breast cancer, as long as the active treatment is the solution, the patient thought burden not too big. read more

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Can not prevent breast fullness four enemies health network

the woman of the chest management dates back to 2000 BC, that although there is no Bra this thing, but the woman with the aesthetic standards of the male exhausted thoughts make breast change from big to small, from small to large efforts have never stopped. If the pectoralis major is fashion, women looking for collective breast recipe; if a suddenly fashionable, women are immediately steering method to get down.

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics. read more

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