The first step join the entrepreneurial company

if you wish is to own a sushi restaurant, your first step is usually the first to go to a very bad sushi shop as an apprentice, until the rice vinegar, making sushi, raw fish, miso soup, cook, Che Rob S, and the guest observation expression conversation, remember a good many joy etc. The master must have the ability to practice for sushi almost, and then out to open his own sushi.

if you want to be a doctor in addition to opening, medical examination, read medical license, usually have to go to the hospital, when the hospital doctor practice, followed by great physician learning, until the doctor, interrogation, drugs, surgery, observe the patient’s reaction, talking with the patients, the patient’s mind the special status of numerous physicians must have the ability to practice almost, and then out to open their own small clinic. read more

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Female college graduates into the shop 2000 yuan rooted Taobao earned $300 thousand in three years

in real life, most people like to talk about the success of the legendary story, and all the hardships as a condiment, it seems that the hardships can further strengthen the legendary. However, when we try to restore those successful early struggle, and trying to find the secret hidden behind the so-called "gold digging", that is the twists and turns of life as it is, there is no legend. As the saying goes: from 0 to 1 from 1 to 100 is more difficult, because 0 to 1 is a qualitative change in the process, while 1 to 100 is the icing on the cake of the quantitative change process. Indeed, for every one has been successful or still walking on the road to success of people, from 0 to 1 across the "first pot of gold" is very valuable and important, after all the roller coaster rolling process fast enough to make people grow mental experience. Whether Li Jiacheng, Liu Chuanzhi, Liu Yonghao, or Ma Yun, Ren Zhengfei, Pan Shiyi, are in hardships to seek the "gold", really ushered in the career and life transitions, and is making big strides forward capital. read more

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Glyph of God ‘m the one who takes care of the consumer

carved sirloin is often used as the Internet thinking case. What is the Internet thinking? The empty word seems to be just a more humble form of the word "success". Of course, don’t put the carved sirloin as an inspirational story, but should be regarded as a high handsome rich cross domain airborne operations. Let’s take a look at the logic behind the business.

oral / AFU oil, carved sirloin founder Meng wake (God carved)

God carved sirloin =


= your product?

food and beverage industry different shapes, complex, each form is not the same game. For example, the service of the big Dong roast duck is half the size of the city of Beijing. The location of McDonald’s must be in the core of the business district, because things are cheap to sell, so we must continue to introduce a large passenger flow, improve the turnover rate. read more

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PR alliance eBay CPA gift new products

dear alliance members, Hello everyone!

PR alliance thanks to the strong support of new and old members over the years, Chinese New Year gift to eBay in March 08 month -4.

Where a member of

during the event to have the opportunity to win gift delivery. Details are as follows:

1, where in the event of a single month cumulative number of registered data in February and the new data will be less than 100 of the registered part of the additional bonus of $10%.

bonus formula: (March revenue -2 month income) *10% read more

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Hand taught you to apply to the GGAD account

apply for GGAD account, the first step, you must have a registration time for more than 6 months millet.


millet, you can go to the DOMIAN.CN forum many CN millet, Amoy bar, 1 yuan in 2, 3, 5 have to buy.

to buy millet after it registered GGAD need to modify for their own millet registered information information. (note that the name will be used to fill in the application for the name of the GG, other GGAD information can be modified, but the name.


then you need a space, if they do not have space here to recommend IM286.COM New District, there are a lot of free space posts (as long as the guarantee space can be used for more than 3 days can be read more

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2 choose 1 online VS Wangzhuan you ready

broadband for months, online games and Wangzhuan have tried, finally summarized a, playing online games do not have money, not bad money play Wangzhuan, each with its own characteristics. A few days ago in an atmosphere full of AAA QQ group mention Wangzhuan, just mention, that is played. May also be a problem with my computer graphics (joke).

I really bad money, especially in a society, the pressure is very large, before I see Wangzhuan post also deleted without mercy ", now contact this thing, is really understand. I don’t want to delete, rather than advertising, just talk about the experience and warning you. read more

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Rice and vegetable roll know why you do Wangzhuan always make money

this time there are a lot of friends and I Q to ask about the Wangzhuan problems, most I would answer, but some people always ask how to do from the novice, what to do, I think in front of me a few articles and said very clearly, don’t see the end.

at present there are still a lot of people struggle in the Wangzhuan line, words with many predecessors, do Wangzhuan, earn money so only a small part of a large part of the people, so why not to earn money and some even cheated, today I’m going to give you an analysis the network has to do a lot of but people are not making money or money making project. read more

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Ali Mama Abandon Google ADSense

      mom can use a January time in the webmaster circles fame temporarily become the best brand in the domestic advertising deal, Ali mother in the blog, especially for small and medium-sized websites for more care, do not advocate principles of advertising is not good.

      Google ADSense has been an important source of revenue for the station before the presence of the mother, but its profitability is not very optimistic. Because the Adsense in the domestic price and click on the tedious way of payment, which is slightly inferior to Alimama in want of perfection. read more

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Four bloody lessons of a grassroots entrepreneurs looking for angel investment

said that now is a good time to start business, the news got millions, billions of investment projects one after another to pop out. However, for the grassroots entrepreneurs, money really easy?! don’t daydream. Just a sea near entrepreneurs, with their own personal experience to tell you: it is not so easy to get investment.

I am a small business. Before the start of the business, I worked on several Internet companies. This year saw an opportunity, a cruel, resigned and brothers together. read more

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A number of foreign click advertising alliance and its comments

economic downturn or the same as there are a bunch of point ads instant payment site set up.

NEW! Spot advertising instant payment website

these instant payment sites are newly established, I do not know if NeoBux has been established for six months or so stable payment and normal operation. Message from the official forum to see the payment is very normal, but if you want to upgrade the investment or buy offline please think twice.

UnoBux: * * * * * recommended index (new instant payment website. read more

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