Huffington the spread of light and expose the dark equally important

"Huffington post" is one of the five most popular news sites in the United States, and is the most famous political blog site in the United States, attracting about 25 million readers from around the world every day. Its founder, Arianna, ·, MS Huffington had an early political experience, and has been active in the political arena of the United states. Arianna · when she was 55 years old, founded the Huffington post, which won the news prize in the year of 2012 and had a huge impact on the industry. MS Huffington is 64 years old today still charge at the forefront of media development, and actively promote the "Huffington post" in Chinese landing, worthy of the title of the global women entrepreneurs model. read more

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Bike sharing in the winter staking running without stop

has been to winter, sharing Redubujian cycling competition.


Beijing into the winter, the v-mobile cycling city evolution conference, a reporter asked the v-mobile bicycle founder Hu Weiwei, "the North immediately to the winter, with the decrease of temperature, the use of v-mobile bicycle may be less and less, you have thought about how to solve this problem?"

Hu Weiwei mentioned when he was a child, "at that time, we will ride a bike to school in winter, wear gloves on it. I did not seem to feel the temperature is a factor especially invincible. Of course, riding a bike in winter will be more uncomfortable, we have to take into account, but also specially prepared gloves." read more

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Talk about mobile nternet from the nternet is the next 30 years the most profound business ideas

Ma try Internet car

and almost everyone’s perception of the contrary, we are now just standing in the new era of mobile Internet portal.

The birth of

PC was born from 1975 to 2007 this year is 30 iPhone, PC Internet based on commercial society; from 2007 to 2016 this 10 years of commercial society transition from PC to mobile Internet Internet for 10 years, 10 years is the rise of cloud computing and big data for 10 years; in July 2016, Ali and SAIC jointly launched the Internet car as a symbol, the next 30 years is the real mobile Internet era, the main infrastructure of the business community will also transition to intelligent terminals and mobile Internet, intelligent terminal from the intelligent mobile phone and Internet auto transition to more categories. read more

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From to buy the car, second of the two master Ali money for entrepreneurs lost more than

Abstract: once co-founder Fei Fei, now he recovered when Ali money second, known as the "two master" dashing. This time, his entrepreneurial projects "bought the car" just to get billions of dollars A round of financing, venture capital investment led lights, angel investors with investment innovation works.

see fat Hu Fei (Fei Fei) when he looks like a laughing ridicule 88 years siege lion, Titaiqingying, hidden in the seat more than one hundred people, there is no sense of violation and. I don’t imagine he had more than and 200 pounds, disguised as "Anxi coach". Yes, he has lost more than and 60 pounds, now 35 years old. read more

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To content Entrepreneurs what you expect to pay for the content is not related to you

Abstract: I believe that the contents of entrepreneurs have a little feeling, so in the pay dividend before the arrival of a word, share with you by Uber founder Kalanick: "you will have strong faith, let you forever."

the evening of August 6th, a suspected WeChat open subscription function. In the rapid spread of the Internet, and pay the topic again tease from the content of entrepreneurs sensitive nerve. In a time when everyone is from the media, but almost everyone does not attach importance to copyright era, how to make the majority of entrepreneurs feel confused content. read more

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Xiamen a group of worldfairy entrepreneurs a the one and only wilderness City

Abstract: no real young artists will put here as a land of idyllic beauty for entrepreneurs, but, here is a unique starting point. They often wear shorts, slippers, in a bubble of Kung Fu tea, planning events.

you never thought

in the territory of China’s Internet business

has a pivotal

is actually a different gang

their stronghold

is the only gap between the heavy mountains


in a club in Yundang lake, kung fu tea had three or four global share, also between investors and venture a few of the oldest continuing, which is natural, Cai Wensheng, once the domain name king, personal website godfather, famous person day today so that investors, chairman and tuxiu show. read more

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How to protect the breast health network female sex

breast is an important symbol of female sexual maturity, is one of the most important sex sensitive areas of women, but also the secretion of milk, feeding the children’s organs. Breasts are a symbol of motherhood for children; they are the objects of beauty and thirst for men.

so in film and television, magazines, literary works of women always have a plump breast. Breast is an important organ for women, it also plays an important role in sexual activity, but people often ignore this point. The distribution of nerve and the number of nerve endings are very abundant. read more

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The female breast massage which female health network

    what are the female breast massage massage? Usually need professional breast augmentation treatment, because we have a lot of the acupuncture points on the body, do not understand the distribution point and 300apm could backfire, so if you want to achieve the effect of breast, can go to the hospital to find a professional breast surgeon massage therapy


female breast massage what

own chest massage should pay attention to is the guarantee of breast health, the best advice is to take a bath after the massage, but also pay attention to the hand should not be too hard, if too much force may cause injury to the breast, and even lead to the emergence of local swelling and pain, like a massage your words, you can use both hands to touch the breast then, by the edge of the site and to the breast to the middle gather, also note that the armpit part of the fat, you can hand out the part also to the middle two gather massage, this can help breast tissue blood flow, prevent the formation of breast cyst. read more

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The latest research shows University of California old breast the fastest health network

according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the University of California, Losangeles, experts found that in human organs, breast tissue will be faster than other parts of aging.

the David Geffen School of Medicine Professor Steve Horvath? Found "biological clock" can accurately measure the aging degree of body tissue. He pointed out that the speed of the biological clock is not constant, it is 20 years old before the rotation is very fast, until after the age of 20 will slow down to a relatively constant state. read more

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Women working at night after night prone breast cancer early may be at higher risk of ‘s

A study published in the

issue of the American Journal of occupational and environmental medicine points out that a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer increases by two nights per week. If you get up early on the second day after the night shift, a higher risk of breast cancer.

reported that the Danish Cancer Society Cancer Epidemiology Research Institute Johnny? Hansen led the research team, more than 1.85 women were collected from 1964 to 1999 in the Danish army office data, found 210 breast cancer patients, and they also served in the army, the 899 age of breast cancer but not similar women are compared. read more

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