Don’t worry too much about female breast hyperplasia ‘s health network

breast hyperplasia and breast cancer have a direct relationship, is still not sure. Some experts believe that cystic hyperplasia of mammary glands in the development of the proliferation of tissue necrosis, the body is subject to this chronic stimulation, it will be difficult to change the appearance of cancer. However, from the current study, only about 3% to 5% of patients with hyperplasia of breast cancer. On the other hand, because breast cancer is slow in cancer, what measures do not take the case, it also need 33 months to happen, so even with breast cancer, as long as the active treatment is the solution, the patient thought burden not too big. read more

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Can not prevent breast fullness four enemies health network

the woman of the chest management dates back to 2000 BC, that although there is no Bra this thing, but the woman with the aesthetic standards of the male exhausted thoughts make breast change from big to small, from small to large efforts have never stopped. If the pectoralis major is fashion, women looking for collective breast recipe; if a suddenly fashionable, women are immediately steering method to get down.

2, the incidence of breast disease to a minimum. With the numbers above clinical statistics. read more

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Health health network from a woman breast look

breast pain? Period of seizures of breast pain can be light weight, it has many characteristics? Seizures, especially before menstruation will increase; breast can reach multiple, nodular masses, softer, more ductile, mass can be seen in unilateral breast, but also can be used on both sides of the breast there are, sometimes there will be the phenomenon of nipple discharge.

There is a rash on the breast of a

breast that is sometimes shown on a baby’s breast

if the woman breast happened: the breast above a palpable mass, feel pain, breast pain before menstruation? Period of seizures, "orange peel" change and so on your breast is "disease". read more

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Breast cancer peak after 45! Early screening and early treatment of ‘s health network

, director of the national health service, said that Taiwan is equivalent to 28 women diagnosed with breast cancer every day, and the loss of precious lives of 5 women with breast cancer. In fact, early detection and early treatment of breast cancer can be screened, according to statistics, the screening of breast cancer cases detected by up to 83%, the survival rate of more than 5 years into more than 9! Calls for women not to wait for screening, asymptomatic screening is the most important, early screening, early health!" read more

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How to do breast massage during pregnancy female health network

then, and one hand across above the other side of the breast, and then use the other hand in hand across the breast above, note that the hands overlap, and then forced to slowly push the middle thoracic breast massage force must grasp.

breast massage should be how to do?

next, put your hands together, then put in the breast oblique below, from the roots of the breast to the position of vibration of the whole breast, then hands slowly push breast upwards and gently massage.

breast massage during pregnancy should be how to do? Do massage nipple, pregnant women should pay attention to use both hands thumb and index finger from the root of the breast, slowly massage to the nipple, usually daily massage 2 times, each time can be 20. read more

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The 8 recruit female breast hyperplasia Defense Health Network

5, lactation time should be sufficient. Female postpartum lactation or lactation less than 8 months, will cause milk stasis, cause the probability of breast disease increased.

1, to maintain a happy mood, optimistic mood is the best weapon against breast hyperplasia.

8, reducing high energy supplements and foods. Light based diet, eat more leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, in the absence of medical advice, do not take royal jelly, propolis, pollen and some hormone containing oral liquid, especially in menopausal women, but do not use these supplements to change the status quo estrogen levels decline. read more

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Self massage mastitis health network

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

oscillation method: the right hand hypothenar ministry efforts, from the breast swelling junction along the milk root to the nipple for high-speed oscillation push, repeated 3 to 5 times. There are local warm feeling, better effect.

Effleurage: patients sitting or supine, fully exposed chest. First in the ipsilateral breast sprinkle talcum powder or coated with a little paraffin oil, and then his hands full palm from the breast around the breast to nipple direction gently stroke from 50 to 100. read more

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