Four bloody lessons of a grassroots entrepreneurs looking for angel investment

said that now is a good time to start business, the news got millions, billions of investment projects one after another to pop out. However, for the grassroots entrepreneurs, money really easy?! don’t daydream. Just a sea near entrepreneurs, with their own personal experience to tell you: it is not so easy to get investment.

I am a small business. Before the start of the business, I worked on several Internet companies. This year saw an opportunity, a cruel, resigned and brothers together. read more

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Large companies should avoid entrepreneurial disease the reaction need not be too fast

it is well known that startups can’t follow the example of large companies in many ways. However, this does not mean that the entrepreneurial model can bring higher efficiency, and large companies should also be avoided by the entrepreneurial mentality of interference.

I think, should avoid the following six kinds of "entrepreneurial disease" big companies:

reaction need not be too fast

any enterprise can easily enter the "fire drill mode", and many start-up companies will respond quickly to market opportunities. But when you start a new business, you need to make plans. Strategically, you need to know what you need to focus on. It’s a year plan for the Department, and it’s a month, a week, or a day for yourself. Enterprises will encounter a variety of situations, but you need to know what is the most important, and sustained attention. read more

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Lele the first week of January 2008 (12.31-01.06) Commission and bonus will be settled today

alliance members Hello everyone!

The first week of January 2008

(December 31st -01 06) and the Commission of "double gift ringtones rebate cash bonus" activities will be held today (01 2008 07 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account, if you are in 01 month 11 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32 read more

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90 entrepreneurs readme sex is not to talk about it, but not sexy, no forced grid can not live

is not ready or already entrepreneurial venture, the six points can be compared with their products – select your first try. Just need to find the target population, second do you brand positioning, third use of new media way to grab the user, and then polished burnish fourth products, fifth more and more user experience pay Sixth to establish user Emotional Interactive link.

now after 90 entrepreneurship is It is often seen. things, but the real success is not much, when it comes to entrepreneurship for 90 entrepreneurs, there is no fixed definition of success, some 90 entrepreneurs earn fame, by the Blitz, also some low-key muffled money, most still quietly on the road, obscenity, chase and growled. May wish to listen to the Qing Branch of the investment community in the entrepreneurial DEMO invited 90 entrepreneurs after 90 business awareness. read more

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Advertising alliance of the 114 alliance webmaster another choice

It concerns

Wangzhuan 114la alliance has been a long time. This morning, the Union has been registered. Ha ha, I’m happy here. I analyzed a few points, it is necessary to register the webmaster friends this union. The reasons are as follows:

first, in the complex network environment today, we engage in the site’s revenue is mainly dependent on the alliance, then we must also engage in diversification. It is necessary to reserve a good union.

second, the alliance is ylmf division. Ylmf recently a very high-profile, but according to the news, the background is very hard for. It pushed out the advertising alliance, it will not be too bad. read more

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College students 700 thousand years of entrepreneurship, how they do it (2)

most people are not interested in the experience of entrepreneurship, but how can we portray a successful entrepreneur without these boring experiences?

smart box founder Zhang Ming / salt technology writer 700 thousand students in two years of profit, how do they do it? (I), salt science writer mentioned we venture two years to earn income, today we talk about the story behind.

if what entrepreneurship is the most attractive, I think people are seen on each side of successful entrepreneurs scenery, people count his profits, he shares, but people do not know what they have experienced. Most people are not interested in the experience of starting a business, but how can we portray a successful entrepreneur without these boring experiences? read more

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How to use blog to earn RMB

now do a website is not easy, and it is time consuming, if we do a blog it is super simple things, so now the blog is more and more, blog has gradually become an indispensable part in the life of Internet users. Have a lot of friends in thinking, how to use blog to earn extra money? Today, 99 Wangzhuan nets and share some experience: how to use the blog to earn RMB


first: use your blog to market some of your own business.

is my personal love has been such a sentence: to help others is to help yourself! I always love to learn some of their own experience to write out and share with everyone, and we can get some of the things they need from my experience, may also help you take some in the detour in the network business process. At the same time, I am also very good to carry out a smooth and silent advertising. As long as you are to provide services to others, you can use their own blog to help themselves a good marketing. read more

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