Uniline provided a day off for all employees whose children are starting first grade

first_imgThe company Uniline, the leading Croatian tour operator, told its employees, parents of first-graders, on September 04.09.2017, XNUMX. provided a non-working day on the first day of the school year.The company, which employs over 200 employees, says that this corporate social responsibility initiative is not being implemented for the first time, and certainly not for the last time. A positive example that I hope other tourism companies will follow, and also a great example, when we talk about employees in tourism and keeping them, as it is not all in the agreed salary, but in the conditions and atmosphere of work.”The beginning of school is a big turning point and thus a change in the life of a child, especially a freshman, but also a parent. Therefore, it is extremely important for us that parents are with their child in these important moments. Children are our future, but also our strength, and going to school is the first step to their independence. For our freshmen and their parents, the first day of school is a big event and that is why we have enabled all our employees – parents of freshmen to be with them and safely and proudly escort them to school for the first time., ” said Edita Petaros, Member of the Management Board and Director of the Rental and Logistics Sector.There are various studies and researches, how in the satisfaction of workers and keeping the same salaries is not the first or main factor, but the overall impression, from the work atmosphere, care for employees, relationships within the company, small small signs of attention and details like this. The first day of a child’s school is a very important day, both for the parent and for the child, and every parent wants to be present in “that picture”. ”The idea was born and launched last year, and we will certainly continue to support our employees in the future. We put a lot of effort into the satisfaction of our employees, which we do through various activities within the company’s socially responsible business. ”points out Nina Stepčić, Coordinator in the Human Resources Department of Uniline,On behalf of the employees, the Management of the company wishes all first-graders and schoolchildren a happy start to the new school year, a lot of success, above all good grades and results, friendships and pleasant school memories.last_img