Xining North Lane meteorological community talk together each other heart

residents encounter trouble, trouble, to talk about the community room. April 22nd, Xining North meteorological Lane community residents told reporters to talk about their community room. "stone director, today I come to sit." 22 am, in the North meteorological Lane community office, Liu Huichun, aged 70, as usual, to chat with community director. After the

Xining Municipal Health Bureau organized the first Xining vocational skills competition and health s

for the further implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, combined with the city’s health system is being carried out to create a national civilized city and "chuangxianzhengyou" theme activities, encourage the majority of cadres and workers of the health system based on their own learning techniques and skills, to become knowledgeable workers, improve the overall

Xining eco environmental science and Technology Industrial Park construction plan through the review

The morning of August 30th, the city held the Xining ecological environmental protection science and Technology Industrial Park Planning and construction of expert review, the expert review group consisting of China academy, Academy of engineering, China China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chinese Environmental Science Institute and other 11 experts, on the construction of ecological and

Xining north new four measures to change the style of serving the masses zero barriers not slack

this year, the area north of the city of Xining city government work style changes as a top priority, the urgent need to imminent rectification, adhere to the full implementation of information system based on the whereabouts of the staff, according to the actual, formulated the "further standardize the work processes and completion time limit"

Seismological Bureau of Xining city in the east of the city to carry out the knowledge of the earthq

in order to improve the community residents face natural disaster response capacity, the morning of July 14th, my bureau popular street office in East District of advanced village culture room to carry out well-off family science lectures earthquake on the village cadres and villagers: "when the earthquake occurred, how to protect themselves and escape the

Xining shantytowns 125 old buildings in the hospital for cosmetic surgery

October 14th, reporters from the City Construction Bureau of Xining City area to understand, in order to improve the area of the old buildings of the residents living and living conditions, improve the image of the city, the City District Construction Bureau to implement the comprehensive regulation of the environment of the old buildings of

Strengthen joint prevention and control mechanism to ensure the smooth and safe entrance

to ensure that our province college entrance examination work safe, orderly and smoothly, the trick has all the members according to the provincial government in the "notice" about to do in 2016 college entrance examination and college entrance examination work safety work safety and the spirit of a special meeting of committee of province recruit

Xining municipal departments overhaul, the addition of street lights lit the ancient city

before the National Day this year, the Xining Municipal Engineering Management Office of the street lamp maintenance management of the main road on both sides of the street lamps, and in some of the new sections of Xining and the addition of street lamps. National Day, more than 60 thousand street lights will illuminate the

The Qingming Festival is the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau launched service increase sweep l

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, according to the characteristics of the relative concentration of Tomb-sweeping Day masses during the sweep time, set up emergency duty system, and coordinate the bus company, the sweep line in April 3rd increased to 5, convenient mass grave. Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of funeral service units will be in

Xining city transportation company limited the 21 bus line 15, at the same time the implementation o

October 12th, Ms. Yang Xining people call the newspaper news hotline 96369 asked, "west Metropolis Daily" published in October 10th "provincial bus 15 from the date of implementation of" winter "" one article, did not mention the 80 Road, 82 Road, 101 road and other routes, the route is also the implementation of the "winter