Bogey do business shop

investment to do business, if you want to make the business of the store can be successful, there are often some taboos need to worry about us. In short, retail customers in the store business process, may encounter all kinds of people. When dealing with, must control their emotions, remember that "business Friendliness is conducive to business success..". If the mood, not only affects the relationship with customers, but also damage the image of their shops. In the daily operation should pay attention to the following three taboos: a bogey attitude blunt". Once we encounter the attitude of the owner of the shop is stiff, it will inevitably be depressed: in his shop to buy things like he owed money. He won’t go shopping in the store." The idea is established, no longer patronize. This is because of the rigid attitude of losing customers. Therefore, in the course of business, we must always pay attention to their words and deeds, not because of bad attitude, leaving a bad impression to the customer, resulting in the loss of customers. two avoid the affinities are different". In the stores to be regulars in attitude and strangers alike, the commodity prices, you can not let the new customers feel unfair to him, so he will return. VIP stable is the foundation, the development of new customers, to help business has a long history and more prosperous. bogey "all the money". A man without a letter. Integrity is the soul of business, but also a weapon to do business. Money to earn a good conscience, should not make money do not make money, not to make money to operate illegal cigarettes. Only always do cigarette from tobacco companies to ensure the quality of cigarettes in order to win the trust of customers, so that the healthy development of business. no matter what kind of investment to do a business, only some of the things that need to be taken into account, it will be of great help to the further development of the business. So, if you want to set up shop to do business, these three taboos also need a lot of attention, so as to be able to make business success rate is higher.

Common home building materials store business model which you made it

people’s living standard continues to improve, for many of the original is not how things are more concerned about, building materials industry is so open Home Furnishing building materials store is not in accordance with the business model began to develop has not changed, but there are a lot of good business model, you can change it according to their own actual situation and the market trend, so as to get more profit, here is to introduce the common Home Furnishing building materials store business model. wholesale and retail stalls stalls wholesale and retail building materials market is very effective to control Home Furnishing, in order to win in the process of operation, so that the return of investment management pattern will be very fast, so the risk will be much smaller, relatively flexible operation, but also the development of offline. However, the quality of its goods will be low credibility, the volume is not likely to take into account each piece of building materials products, so its trading behavior is not standardized, customer service will be poor. home building materials chain franchise store this business model in retail, sales of products is the price tag, and trading behavior very standardized, store environment also has a great advantage at the same time, the unified management of all in procurement, logistics, billing, customer service quality is very good. The only drawback is that in the withdrawal of funds is not very fast, the risk will be relatively high. building materials store type this business model is the entire store or the whole street is operated by a light kitchen, floor, kitchen utensils, hardware, such as a series of small shops or a number of building materials market, can be said to be a collection of shops. So the building materials store (Building Materials City) business is very obvious advantages, products rich in variety, it also contains the above two kinds of management modes, so in the face of consumer groups is very extensive, basically able to meet consumer demand for building materials has Home Furnishing demand. But for investors, building materials store style management, investment is very large, and bad management. business is sure to choose a very promising, more popular industry in recent years the development of the building materials industry is very rapid, open Home Furnishing building materials store is a very profitable investment projects, with the intention of the entrepreneurs can refer to the above common Home Furnishing building materials store business model, combined with the actual situation you choose the most suitable for a use of their own, so as to ensure that your store can go on long-term stable development. related recommendations

Fujian local farmers houses being Industrial and Commercial Bureau should not bear responsibility

house prices rise, is well known. However, recently, a farmer in Fujian to buy a house, the other side is a cheap house as a pretext, which led to the farmers cheated. For this thing, do you think the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau shall bear responsibility? Let’s look at the specific. 5 18, the reporter came to Beijing, Fujian sand Real Estate Company office: Fuzhou (real estate) Shimao International Center room, I saw the office door locked, which is a mess in the inside of the door of the office in. Building property, said the company began in April 28th no one came, the current Fujian Jing also owed hundreds of thousands of property companies rent. Fujian Jing Sha accused between 2014 and 2015, two forged state owned enterprise – Beijing (real estate) Capital Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing’s) and Hunan Building Engineering Group General Co (hereinafter referred to as Hunan construction) official data, that the joint development of real estate, defrauding more than 60 million yuan of the farmers in the city to buy a house. cheap house temptation 2009 July, Fuzhou (Pingtan) integrated experimentation area announced the establishment of. In the construction of a comprehensive experimentation area boom, from 2012 to 2013, Lin Guodong (should be asked by the interviewer, a pseudonym) in the vicinity of the village and the village have been demolished, the villagers were not a lot of money. 2012 in December, the same is the Li Tiansheng of Pingtan registered in Fuzhou, Xin Shengyuan (Fujian) Construction Engineering Co., ltd.. lost land and housing villagers, the city became the only choice to buy a house. Pingtan from Fuzhou closer to the purchase of Fuzhou has become part of the choice of farmers. began in 2014 when the purchase of Lin Guodong Li Tiansheng, they found Lin Guodong through an acquaintance, that it is in Fuzhou city to develop a real estate, can give them the group purchase price, pay 20 thousand yuan deposit can sign the contract. Lin Guodong is now quite disgust described that Li Tiansheng was ready for all sectors, will own into the urn". According to Lin Guodong introduction, first of all, Li Tiansheng in January 2014 to Industrial and Commercial Bureau xinshengyuan will change to "state-owned enterprises". in xinshengyuan equity before the change, Li Tiansheng invested 8 million, another two individuals each invested 1 million. After the change, xinshengyuan renamed "Fujian Beijing sand Group Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as" Fujian: Beijing, sand) by "Hunan construction investment" 4 million, "Beijing first" invested 4 million, Li Tiansheng invested 2 million, two "state-owned enterprises" to become the largest shareholder. At the same time, Beijing, Fujian, the registered capital of sand also recommended

Entrepreneurs to share their own experience to open a barbecue shop

How can hot summer less delicious barbecue and cool beer, in fact, barbecue business is not very difficult to do well, to share a personal experience, at first, open grill just for fun, think barbecue is a very interesting thing, unexpectedly became my career. I opened a 50M barbecue shop, business is good, the daily turnover of around 800! Should be more successful! See some friends want to open their own shop, do not know how to proceed, then I will share some of my experience to share with you. how to open a barbecue shop? Talk about the choice of shops, I personally think that universities, white-collar workers, central station, these places are not ideal, the first is the rent is too high, we like this start-up bug, can not afford. Followed by relatively tight housing, it is difficult to find! In fact, the most ideal place is actually the residential area of the periphery, more houses and prices are low, small insects can accept! again is the size of stores, 40M Yishiyiting more suitable for the fledgling worms, remember that in addition to business place should have about 15M, there must be a pile of debris and put a bed position, this is a very important point! There are a lot of sundries in the barbecue shop. You can have a rest when you are tired. is optimistic about the house and the landlord signed an agreement, if the good will sign a few years, because I only signed a 6 month contract to let the landlord the price of the opportunity, suggested signed an agreement of 2 years, 6 months to pay the money, the landlord will generally agree, there is note water, electricity, gas charges are in arrears, winter heating costs there are still problems in northern. next is the decoration of the facade, the table and chair with the most simple, but the chair must have a back, it is important to remember oh! Conditional on the wall in front of the main entrance to install the TV, usually you can see, you can also put some people, such as the game to the guests to see! How to open a barbecue shop? Around the walls can be decorated with some of the simulation of vegetables, such as red pepper, green cucumber, had added some atmosphere! kitchen things I will not say, focus on skewers stove practices, to set the width according to the operation on the size of the stove, I shop business is 1 yuan on the 3, so the width of 7 cm, 160 cm long, 2 people can also roast, height is 30 cm and more conspicuous, inoffensiveness, furnace 8 cm deep, I think this is the most standard, on the color of black baked too deep, too shallow and easy to burn. Of course, also set aside 40 cm long, width of 20 cm place for chicken or seafood. in addition to the above said, there is also the last

The cosmetics Yaxuan fortune

now, the cosmetics market, is very business opportunities, has the advantage of choice. How about cosmetics? High quality entrepreneurial projects, joined the cosmetics project, opened a cosmetics store of their own, cosmetics, good market opportunities, business without trouble! is a concentrated Yaxuan cosmetics positive brand, Yaxuan headquarters through long-term friendly cooperation with the brand of cosmetics products together at home and abroad, hundreds of brands, thousands of products, product lines across the skin care series, cosmetics series, fragrance series, personal care series, maternal and child supplies, baby supplies series products for men. Ensure the Xuan cosmetics supermarket product quality, price advantage, brand chain management is incomparable, parity, high quality, brand, let every customer buy the brand, let every customer with the brand. convenience store business area located in about 30 square meters, the relative commodity is very rich, about 4000 varieties, and sold in shops, mail and other multi service projects, easily Yaxuan "for the people, convenient and beneficial" business philosophy. Yaxuan timely change of management, to y meet the needs of the rapid development of social economy and the maturity of the city block, independent, widely in community residents, improve the convenience of consumers, improve the shopping environment, improve community facilities, is committed to improving social services for residents. beautiful market, with the food market is very popular, with the choice of business opportunities. If you join the cosmetics project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on! To join us, to achieve our wealth of life?

From the booth to the big agent after the 80 girls entrepreneurial road

many university graduates, my heart is always holding an ideal of their own, not a lifetime of work, but just graduated did not have enough funding, so many people will look to surrender the investment cost less to spread the industry, one of the 80 girls Wang Li is the number of stalls boss, she was miraculously from a a stall boss did general agent, it will be a difficult process of what the following Xiaobian together and see it. When the

Huo Jia Jian Bao Wang joined the small business investment – net worth

Huo Jian Wang? First class delicious, with a unique flavor. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the home Fried Dumpling King project, is very popular with the choice. Huo Huo Jian Wang joined the project, worthy of trust! Huo Jian Wang? Huo Jian Bao Wang, strict selection of flour and stuffing ingredients, the secret system of nutritional formula, nourishing health. Huo Jian Wang joined the family, rare business opportunities. It is the Ji’nan Ze Ze Catering Management Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a good brand of food and beverage investment projects. As the founder of the Republic of China during the famous snack in Ji’nan, Huo home fried package for the sake of war, but only to all patrons to memory. price is a problem we are most concerned about, a product is cheap, because many people will love to eat breakfast, fried dumplings Wang Huo family strictly selected for flour and stuffing ingredients, nutritional diet recipes secret, nourishing health. At the same time, the production process of environmental protection, each process are strictly refined, so that the absolute standardization. Huo Jian Wang family of the production process, is for customers, transparent site production. Huo Jian Wang joined the family, you can flexibly operate. Take away business, sit shop sales, bulk sales can be sent out. Where the crowd, Huo Jian Bao Wang’s market on the site, flexible and diverse site constraints. And low cost, just 10000 yuan investment, 3 ~ 5 days to learn the production process, with a store of 3 ~ 5 square meters, from 1 to 20 people can manage. Small investment, rich income. Huo Jian Bao Wang? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. With the characteristics of delicious food in the market, with a very high popularity, you are still hesitant what?

The relevant departments of Harbin, with love to the young pioneers – the whole enterprise

children are the future of the country, if the children live well, make people feel better. Harbin city project hope to join A.O. Smith public student donation ceremony was held in Shuangcheng Tongxin Township Central School, Harbin Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Li Hanlong, Shuangcheng municipal Party committee, deputy secretary of the party Huang Zhi rights minister Wu Xiaodong to attend the donation ceremony, ceremony presided over by the Secretary of Shuangcheng District Committee Wang Yanni. activities, the students are smiling faces of happiness. In order to express gratitude, pioneers of uncles and aunts wearing a red scarf, and show the Zibianziyan sign language song "3". Concentric school on behalf of teachers and students for loving enterprises presented a banner to express my sincere thanks to the kindness, love enterprise. "Project Hope" is a benevolent project, is an important carrier of social welfare. Shuangcheng Secretary Huang hopes to make use of these concentric school sports activities, carry out the campus sports science, a good foundation for the healthy development of their children’s future lay, cultivate more a man of tremendous promise for the society, and then return to the community’s affection. countless love brought rich materials for the children, can accompany the children to have a happy grow up, love enterprises donated a football basketball volleyball badminton, table tennis, skipping and other sporting goods and stationery gifts for primary and secondary school students, I hope the children can study hard, healthy growth. related recommendations

What are the business of the smoke shop open

due to cigarette market importance in Chinese, leading to many people set up shop will choose to open a store. However, the market is more related to the shop, the competition will naturally fierce, business progress has more difficulties. In fact, if you want to successy open a store, also have a lot of skills at all. So, what are the business of the smoke shop open? self straight to the point, my business is a word, called "open and on the smoke shop popularity, sale by VIP provided." my small shops open in the vicinity of residential areas, to buy my cigarettes basically are nearby residents, everyone became friends in the course of contacts. We have this piece of the smoke a lot, when you first opened, home sales in general, so I wonder, how to increase sales? Through observation, I found that many come here to buy cigarettes are familiar, I’ll take the initiative and they chat, chatted, slowly and familiar, they are fixed in my cigarettes sales will go up. I also summed up two words: the customer came in the door, "what do you need?" As a customer you take care." Simple words can make people sweet in my heart, the next time the possibility of a large! So gather popularity, how can we not prosper? The oral genuine goods at a fair price wine is not afraid of deep alley. I dare paizhexiongfu guarantee to find a pack of cigarettes in my shop! One is not careful with cigarettes, once discovered immediately under the cabinet. Because buyers and sellers is an important word of mouth, to win a good reputation is a good way to operate. I also have a shop near beach boutique shops and grocery store, not modesty, is my biggest selling. Because a lot of old customers know, in my store to buy cigarettes is the most secure quality. A mass ten, ten hundred, my reputation will naturally improve. some customers buy a certain brand of cigarettes when he asked me when I was a little cheaper, declined after, he once said to me in what place with lower price than I bought this kind of smoke, I was one, have a number of mind: if this is the proper channels into the smoke, and to the customer said the price to sell, then sell tobacco retail clients not only profitable, but also lost a bit, so it will not be a pack of cigarettes into the formal channels! The tobacco industry in our country, is the implementation of the monopoly sales in many places, unified retail price, if our retail customers to lower prices, not only will cause confusion in the market, malicious competition, more important is to make a "fake private non" cigarettes have a chance. special exhibition my shop is open >

Long stew beef noodle house prefect employment security

The best choice for free business, is to join admiral private long stew beef noodle project. We all know that their own business will always be a lot of trouble. If you join the venture will have headquarters to join the support. How long stew beef noodle house prefect? Join worry free, low entrepreneurial risk. Worth joining! long Braised Beef Noodle House prefect company, is a food and beverage packaging project planning, brand promotion, special snack, join the high-end restaurant hosting, technology development and training industry management consulting firm. Braised beef noodle based private long admirals of the constant pursuit of innovation, will be the top delicacy worldwide, excellent brand catering and folk secret food production skills to our customers, comply with the "global delicacy sharing franchise first" trend, create more benefits for customers. Braised beef noodles have long admirals private common people committed to the concept of space craft, delicacy and personalized service integration, "Remodeling of catering culture and reconstruction of diet atmosphere", let our customers enjoy the hitherto unknown service. long stew beef noodle shop to join admiral private money? long braised beef noodle company in addition to private admirals technical training without reservation to the customer, more dozens of catering industry experts including storefront location, decoration design, business professional guidance preparation, operation management, market development, competition promotion and production process for customers, create a 360 degree service customer, braised beef noodles to promote private long admirals catering service provider solutions will become the most professional spectrum set of investment, operation, management, consulting and business solutions in one. brand security business, is to choose to join the long braised beef noodle bar private admirals! Has the advantage of the project choice, is the best choice for our business worries. So, are you ready to join! Hurry up!

Hong Jue – all electric cars to join money

nowadays, in our life, the traffic jam is always a headache. So, green travel to choose the rainbow electric car? New choice of health and environmental protection. Join the red flag electric car? Very advantageous choice. What are you hesitating about? What about Hong Jue EV? The meaning of development is innovation, Hong Jue in order to meet the needs of social development of electric vehicles, research and development of intelligent anti-theft, GPS global positioning, remote monitoring and control system to champion "smart, Almighty, such". Rainbow Duke multi-function electric vehicles, not only in China’s premier, in the world is also highly regarded, quality assurance. joined the Hong Jue Jue Hong electric car good? The electric vehicle has the electric scooter series, electric scooter series, electric bicycle, electric motorcycle series series series, electric tricycle, electric four wheel vehicle series, ATV, karting series, leisure series, products by users. we all know, it is not difficult to want to succeed in business, it is difficult to choose a good project to join. Rainbow electric car how? Very advantageous choice. The first step in the success of entrepreneurship, to choose to join the red flag electric car like? Good project, good choice!

The operation method of imported food stores need to know – the whole

people’s spending power is gradually increased, the demand for imported products is higher, so the business is also very good, with the improvement of living standards, food imports are popular, more and more investors to open up imported food store. But if you want to own the store business is hot, not only to have a good product, but also to have a good method of operation, so as to make it easy for you to open a shop, easy to get rich. So, for the novice, how to operate in order to successy open an imported food store? first, pay attention to the taste of snacks. Usually to communicate with customers, to understand the tastes of local consumers, continue to adjust; snack shop profit? Purchase from the taste of more effort, the goods do not lie in more than the essence, to be as far as possible to introduce some new products with market potential, to respond to changes in consumer demand for new psychological and consumer demand changes. second, store location is very important. In order to ensure that the source, the store to choose in the flow of people, young people are relatively more locations, such as the downtown business district, the surrounding schools, large traffic near the cinema is a good choice. third, consumers now pay great attention to food hygiene, so the store must be clean, clean, candy, dried fruit to use transparent packaging simple, make the guest clearly see the real appearance of food, including its freshness and color etc.. fourth, the goods are placed in particular. High priced food can be placed on the top shelf, this type of food for the attention of the brand of white-collar workers, you are not much more expensive; snack shop profit? Mid-range price placed in the middle of the shelf, convenient for ordinary consumers to buy; in the bottom shelf, you can put the children like to eat candy, such as candy, candy, etc.. fifth, food packaging should have its own style, while taking into account the preferences of different consumer groups. Exquisite packaging can increase the added value of food, so that food is more value for money, so as to attract more people with a certain spending power. Now a lot of young white-collar workers are directed at the exquisite packaging, even if they spend more money they will not care. finally, know how to use the holiday to expand market share. Although the consumption of snacks, regardless of the season, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, such as the Spring Festival, may day, national day, as well as the usual weekend is the season of sales. Chocolate and other candy is more obvious seasonal, summer sales are low, and a cool season, sales will rise quickly. Around the year, the sales of chocolate and candy will be doubled. if you don’t know how to correct before the operation, I hope the above content can better help you, master of

72 3D doll franchise market – good business

fashion personality choice, as far as possible in the 72 3D doll. Small business choose to join the 72 change 3D doll? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful business. If you join the 72 change 3D doll project, is also a very exciting. Hurry up heart! How about joining us? 72 change the face of the doll Market? 72 dolls into the market, very good to meet the needs of children, has been to create a fashion and home health products, loved by children and parents, is a very good brand. In the era of personality flying, this creative product will be a great market potential, quickly swept the country, after joining, will not be long, 72 dolls are worth your investment. 72 change the face of the doll Market? 72 dolls to give consumers more surprises experience, to create a brand new concept, create new products in the world, through professional technology and special equipment for processing, to produce every kind of doll, by consumers, sales volume is very high, is popular in the industry brand, after joining, there will also be good market. 72 3D doll into the project, to become a good project to start a business, venture capital worthy of trust. In the market, 72 3D dolls into the project, is also a high-profile choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, whether you are also very exciting? Act up!

Xiangxiang Lumian teach you how to seize the consumer’s stomach

The development of era makes many consumers demand has changed with the previous instead, for example in the food shortage era, people yearn for the food of the rich life, but now everyone on this day, people demand on food but the day is the kind of homely fare. modern people more stressful days, more comfortable for brief days, especially in terms of diet, no longer seek what fresh delicacy, but has a special liking for delicious homemade. Some people say that the recall is always good, so in those who ate the food will appear so good. Xiangxiang Lumian catch consumer so mind, with the most authentic delicious, eat can make all feel the warmth of home, a time to live on both sides of the Changjiang River times. Xiangxiang Lumian teach you how to seize the consumer’s stomach modern dining out is not only about the food itself, but also about a service attitude. As a famous Chinese fast food brand, is China’s most development potential, the most characteristic of China’s fast food chain brand, Xiangxiang of guests sincere service will Lumian put the first. Because it seems that even the food is not the tastes of the guests in it, with the same attitude of professional services can attract customers to visit next time. its first fast food restaurant takes a unique form of operation to ensure a 15 hour operation service. Xiangxiang, delicious and nutrient characteristics in Lumian and fashion in one, leading into characteristics of Chinese fast food. It satisfied the Oriental delicacy essence, the study of domestic and foreign leading operators in the form of innovation, launched a high standard and high efficiency, unique characteristics of the catering chain project, with the main characteristics of modern fast food series facet blending concept, founding the Chinese people more in line with the dietary structure and dietary habits of the fast food chain system. has been to become China’s fast-food chain brand guidelines for new features, with more than a delicious, more beautiful you returning business philosophy. The Xiangxiang staff and try to seek persistent lasagna, now has grown to well-known restaurant brands. In an era of opportunities and challenges, through continuous efforts to develop, grow, and powerful, so that the brand, formalization, specialization, humanization. this brand, how to make people feel happy? Consumers for better days, like natural savory shop to eat noodles, and good will pass, as can be imagined how influential it now. Investors are expected to catch the beautiful train, get rich together. The above is the simple introduction of Xiangxiang Lumian to join, if you join the brand for the interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Good business to join the market love Janne smart cabinets – free

smart phones, smart appliances. Today, in our lives, we can not do without intelligent supplies. So, how about love Jiani smart cabinets? High quality entrepreneurial projects, small business optimization. Easy to learn easy to use fast, reliable choice! 2015 sell smart cabinets have a market? The households in China City, smart cabinets have love Jiani rate is only 5.8%, this figure is far lower than the average level of developed countries 76%. According to the expert estimates, intelligent city Jiezhuang love Jiani cabinets in the consumer in the future, the kitchen renovation costs will account for more than 55%, while the cabinet and the cost will account for 70%. Unexpected multiple user-friendly features, immediately let people’s kitchen life a new look, the real experience to enjoy the fun of the Easy kitchen brings joy! smart cabinet to love Janne make money? 2015 smart cabinet has the market selling smart cabinets in time? Love Janne within the next ten years, there will be 290 million sets of intelligent integrated kitchen cabinet market capacity in China, an annual average of 58 million, according to an average of 10 thousand yuan each, which accounted for 70% of the cost of smart cabinets, cabinet intelligent ratio calculation, Aijia year only intelligent cabinet furniture there are 350 billion yuan in the market space. smart cabinet project investment love Jiani market space, good business without trouble. To love Jiani smart cabinets? If you join, to love Jiani smart cabinets is also very exciting project. Hurry up and move on! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!

Chengdu college entrance examination mathematics and honors – Robot

math college entrance examination robot, I do not know if you have heard of it? Is to give the robot a set of math questions, so that he can complete. 10 universities and research institutes in the country more than 20 experts, the Chengdu college entrance examination of the robot in the interim. According to the progress of the development of the college entrance examination robot, the test paper total score of 120 points, in accordance with the liberal arts college entrance examination level and the way out of the problem, the monitoring team comes with two sets of volumes, the college entrance examination robot were scored by the results of 86 points and 87 points. is reported that the national college entrance examination robot is the National 863 project "based on the big data of human intelligence key technologies and systems" in the sub subject "primary mathematical problem solving key technologies and systems". The test group test results obtained on behalf of the domestic advanced level and Chinese artificial intelligence level, at present there is no similar academic articles published and developed in Japan "east big robot" project has announced its withdrawal from the robot to participate in college entrance examination plan. "college entrance examination" robot, founder of nephology star CEO Lin Hui said, star nephology using artificial intelligence to develop a product is a smart pen with the background of the artificial intelligence system. The system through the pen for data acquisition, a key to the cloud, the background system can be a portrait of his ability to learn in this discipline. Where to write fast, where to write slowly, what the problem, what are the defects of thinking, the system knows everything. thus, the robot system completely changed the teacher’s work content and scope. The traditional model, to students from error correcting students’ homework, the teacher, the general need 2-3 days, with the sight system judge after the operation, the day can work day correcting, meet the students’ cognitive rules and laws of memory. has the college entrance examination mathematics robot, in the future it may help the examination paper, has brought more convenience for the people. A set of 120 points, the robot can reach more than and 80 points, it is amazing. "New technologies support the new economy, drive new demand and open up new industries." Chengdu high tech Zone relevant responsible person said that the new economy with new technologies, new industries, new models, new formats, new products as the representative of the emerging high-tech zones in Chengdu, and gradually formed a new "visible"". related recommendations

Cakes to join the project selected green posture cakes – how

what is the west cake? Why join the investment in food and beverage industry will be so fire? For the initial entry into the food and beverage industry often ask such a similar problem. As one of the traditional Western pastry cakes, is a necessary project in the Western-style food, cakes will join the brand attitude in doing good. green posture cake company adopts foreign advanced equipment and production technology, by experts at home and abroad to supervise system, strict application of scientific management methods, to provide the production of fine, unique flavor and a variety of high-grade bakery food to consumers, and with foreign chain business in Ningbo market in mining. As of July 2014, direct chain store has reached more than and 230, the scope of business throughout Ningbo, Haishu, Jiangdong Jiangbei, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai and Cixi, Yuyao, Ninghai, Fenghua, Xiangshan surrounding areas, and at the end of 2010, one after another in Zhoushan, Shaoxing area set up branch company, Zhoushan city currently has 20 stores Shaoxing, 9. green west cake join conditions which company since its inception, has been committed to the development and production of traditional food and fashion goods, mainly in the production of various kinds of cakes, snacks, traditional snacks, all kinds of fancy bread, pastry, cakes, moon cakes and other more than and 300 kinds of food. Products focus on "more quality, more health, using high quality raw materials, of technology, formula are employed in the domestic and international professional bakers carey research and development, Ningbo is the first professional engaged in baking industry enterprises. green west cake join conditions are entrepreneurs must pass a basic ability assessment, if you can meet, then prove that everyone’s entrepreneurial strength in the brand where has been recognized. The following is the introduction of the green west cake join conditions, we can look at the comparison, the test itself is not one to meet it? green west cake join conditions: 1 a legal person, natural person or other organization with legal qualifications. 2, agree with the concept of green west cake business philosophy, but also willing to implement the concept of green west cake operation. 3, with the ability to invest in projects and risk awareness. 4, with a mature business, or has the potential and consumption capacity of the business premises. 5, approved headquarters business model, to accept the unified management of headquarters. 6, honest and trustworthy, can establish a certain reputation in the local, have good social relations. 7, can bear hardships and stand hard work, work steadfast, always maintain a positive attitude. < >

Hefei Internet + four projects into the first national demonstration project – the whole

the rapid development of Anhui, in the past few years to reflect, whether it is the provincial capital of Hefei or other cities, they are together to witness the progress of Anhui. The day before, the National Energy Bureau announced the first batch of "Internet plus" smart energy (energy Internet) the results of demonstration projects, a total of 56 projects have been listed as the first batch of demonstration projects, including the province approved 4. assessed by the national energy administration examination and determination, I Hefei Xinzhan comprehensive energy management of the high tech area Internet plus "smart energy demonstration project, Wuwei Gaogou cable smart micro grid base" Internet plus "smart energy demonstration project. Wuhu Huainan Chizhou electric car buffet timeshare rental "Internet plus" smart energy demonstration project, Hefei high tech Zone distributed energy trading "flexible Internet plus wisdom energy demonstration projects such as project 4 was identified as the first national demonstration pilot project. According to , the province will pay close attention to the implementation of the conditions of the project implementation, and strive to approve the project started construction as soon as possible. only in the national policy support, many SMEs will have a better future, won the attention of countless people. Based on the demonstration project, and actively explore the city energy Internet, smart energy and various industry integration and development, promotion, comprehensive energy efficiency of various energy flexible transactions and other new energy production and consumption system, for the establishment of energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and the Internet closely related new energy industry development model experience. related recommendations