Zidane: “I am responsible for the first part …”

first_imgWhat did he say to his players to rest? “What happens in the locker room I will not tell you. We had to do other things and in the second part we did much better, changing the drawing, the scheme and it has been positive for everyone.”Vinicius and Mendy were very good: “Yes, they both did a good job and the goal tells you everything. Also Lucas on the right has entered very well and has made a good connection with Carvajal and I am happy with the whole team.”Is winning at Atlético special for LaLiga? “A derby is always special and complicated. It has cost us, against a team that defends very well and they feel comfortable defending. In the first part they have had good plays, but in the end they are three points. We are happy with the three points , but not five, it’s the same score as in another game. “Did you see a penalty to Morata? “I have not seen it. As I always do not get into these things, the referee was better positioned and said there was nothing.”Are they more comfortable with 4-3-3 than with five midfielders? “No, because the other day in the Super Cup we were comfortable this way. Today it has not worked and I am responsible. We do not enter physically well and it cost us with the ball. In the end what we have to do is change things when we do not they come out. I don’t like anything, because it is to point out to Isco and Kroos that they are working very well, it could have been any other, but it has worked out well. I’m glad for the whole team and they too. “Has Bale lost status? “No, it was available and I have chosen others. But he is on the team and I will count on him until the end.”The fans identify with the effort of Carvajal and Valverde: “What we have to do and we are doing defensively, not only the defense and the goalkeeper, it is a matter of all and it is what we are doing. When we lose the ball we think of recovering it quickly and for us, when concrete in Valverde, we have to to thank the people, who come to see their team playing well and fighting. In the first part I did not like it and in the second part we changed our attitude and it is like that. We cannot always enter well, it has cost us and people in the end of the match appreciates the effort and we have a reward against a good rival. “Can you imagine the triplet? “We are not in it. We have just won a game, we have to be happy about that, but this is very long. There are many games missing and we have won nothing. We won the Super Cup and now the road is very long in all three competitions we have left. “Mendy and Benzema were decisive: “I think the team is doing very well, I am very satisfied. It is not easy to play every three days and do it well, be competitive. In the first part we were not well, but there is a rival who did better and in the second part the attitude has been very good and we have achieved a great result. The goal is a good connection between Vinicius, Mendy and Benzema and seeing such a goal is magnificent, because it is against a team that defends very well. We have been very fast in that play “. Sensations: “Very happy all. We were looking for this. We had a complicated first part against an opponent who played a good game. We played better in the second, with another attitude and intensity. The responsibility is also mine of the first part. It’s me. I don’t like to make changes to the break but something had to be done. I could have changed two other players, because I didn’t like anything. But not the players, it was a thing of mine. We had to change a bit and we did it. The second part was better in everything. “Player Commitment: “Without the ball and the ball we were very focused. We have opened the field well, playing quickly from side to side, with two touches. The goal we did, for example, with Vinicius, Mendy and Karim’s shot. We did it fast. It’s not easy what these players are doing. I’m glad for them because they fight on the field. When we have difficulties we don’t lower our arms, we continue. It’s the team we have and the people clapping at the end is the example of this. “Is it more soccer or mental wear to Atletico? “The two things. It’s a team that defends very well, you can say whatever you want. More aggressiveness and intensity, a bit of everything. In a derby we will always have difficulties. An easy game does not exist. This is football, but in the end we won a very important game. Now we have to continue because we need a lot. “Afterwards, the Real Madrid coach appeared before the media in the press room of the Bernabéu.Changes varied to the team: “I was not happy with what I saw on the field. It is not the responsibility of the players, it is mine. I was not liking it and I changed to Isco and Kroos as anyone could. We had to make a change and it was in the rest. in a different way, we were much better, but the responsibility of the first part is mine. “Vinicius is improving a lot: “We are all here to do the same. The changes have changed the game, but it bothers me to take two players to rest, what happens is that something had to be done. In the second part, and it is a matter of all, we change our attitude There was more intensity and I’m glad for the players. They were very good in the first part, we in the second and I think it’s a deserved victory. “ Zinedine Zidane appeared in the flash interview to analyze the very important triumph of Real Madrid against Atlético in the derby. The white coach claimed responsibility for the bad first half of Madrid (“It’s my thing”) and was satisfied with the performance, the commitment of his team and the reaction in the second half.last_img read more

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