Taobao three days on the weekend to sell 1002 tons of liquid detergent to break the world record

Taobao weekend to sell 1002 tons of liquid detergent to break the world record


technology news September 1st afternoon news, the weekend (August 29 – 31 days), Taobao laundry detergent sold 1002 tons, won the "world’s 3 day online sales most liquid detergent weekend promotions" world record certification, which is more than the world record association 10 times in total sales in Taobao within the prescribed time period, a total of 30 years of sales but also the line of 1 Chinese large supermarket. read more

FMCG online shopping on average four times a year, you do not standard

  "2015 China shopper report" reveals the market "new normal"

Hu Guoqiu photo

, the world’s leading consumers to buy and use market research institutions Kay degree of consumer price index and management consulting firm Bain & Company jointly issued "on the" win Chinese shoppers – 2015 China shoppers report under the "new normal".

to draw the conclusion of the report of the investigation team, as the country’s 40 thousand households with a professional scanner, real-time tracking of their actual daily shopping, and analyze the relevant data to understand the 106 FMCG category on purchasing behavior. read more

Examples of the current analysis of the company’s Web site deficiencies

recently there are a lot of business people and my QQ and I exchange a lot of Companies in the network marketing skills and how to locate the future development of the site. In today’s rapid development of e-commerce in the case, B2B, B2C’s corporate website is not in silence broke out, died in silence. In the hail rain play competition between enterprises, we should be how to dominate our future is a problem worth pondering. I thought after the analysis of these enterprises website, I found one of the biggest problems is the positioning of enterprise website is not accurate enough and ignore some of the details of the problem, often leads to gradual demise of enterprises in electronic commerce, the so-called law of the jungle is the truth. To want to share in this competitive market own a share, we must correct the wrong approach, explore a new bright spot in all aspects so as to improve the website sales ability, user experience. read more

Ali Mama Abandon Google ADSense

      mom can use a January time in the webmaster circles fame temporarily become the best brand in the domestic advertising deal, Ali mother in the blog, especially for small and medium-sized websites for more care, do not advocate principles of advertising is not good.

      Google ADSense has been an important source of revenue for the station before the presence of the mother, but its profitability is not very optimistic. Because the Adsense in the domestic price and click on the tedious way of payment, which is slightly inferior to Alimama in want of perfection. read more

Entrepreneurs to play 4 roles poets, scientists, journalists and Boxers

one of the biggest challenges for a startup is to know where to start. Entrepreneurs believe that unless they are innovative, their ideas will be eliminated by the times or copied by competitors. However, this kind of thinking process is similar to the one month spent on marathon training. Yes, it can be done, but this will put you at risk of rapid bankruptcy and failure. What we need is a contemporary guide that can help new entrepreneurs develop new focus.

great business mentor well aware of this struggle, the best instructors know how to appease students after told that they should focus on where in the start-up stage, for example, the core concept of iteration, create a simple business model, or guidance to build the minimum viable product (MVP). read more

Local classification information network P100 month to earn 3000 yuan of real experience

I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for me. I started to fast for two years from the official website, before hanging all kinds of ads always on tenterhooks live, afraid someday if my unhappy alliance letter, did not lose the wife of another soldier. I remember when I began to start the school website, because it is closed County, I pulled a lot of business, there are one thousand or two thousand yuan a month income, more than the school teacher. So at that time feel that life is full of natural and unrestrained! read more

nventory of 17 Ways to make money online

an enterprising person, it is easy to find that the Internet is full of opportunities to make quick money. Although very few, difficult as a major source of income, but the network can help you replenish your wallet. At the same time, how much money you earn depends on your time and energy. Look at these 17 options to find out which one will work for you.

1 blog

if you are a passionate writer and interested in writing. To publish an article but can not find a solution, you can create your own blog. Let every character be the paving brick of your fortune. Creating a blog doesn’t require much technical skill, but it’s important that you have a gift for writing. This will attract visitors to your site. After building a blog, you can earn a profit by appealing to advertisers, or writing reviews for other people’s products. read more

Huffington the spread of light and expose the dark equally important

"Huffington post" is one of the five most popular news sites in the United States, and is the most famous political blog site in the United States, attracting about 25 million readers from around the world every day. Its founder, Arianna, ·, MS Huffington had an early political experience, and has been active in the political arena of the United states. Arianna · when she was 55 years old, founded the Huffington post, which won the news prize in the year of 2012 and had a huge impact on the industry. MS Huffington is 64 years old today still charge at the forefront of media development, and actively promote the "Huffington post" in Chinese landing, worthy of the title of the global women entrepreneurs model. read more