Mother arrested for denying food to 3-year-old and tying her up

first_imgA local woman has been arrested after investigators found that she severely beat a 3-year-old girl, denied her food, and additionally tied the child up to prevent her from sneaking food out of the garbage.31-year-old Takeia Ann Burns was arrested last week in Riviera Beach of charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect of a child causing great bodily harm.Officials say the child weighed 22 pounds, seemed “completely emaciated” had bruises on her eye socket and on her head, and seemed in pain at even the slightest touch from a nurse.Doctors also found that the girl suffered a broken rib, had bleeding on her brain, had belt marks on her back, and other marks on her body that indicated that girl had been tied up.Burns told investigators that she would tie up the girl to prevent her from eating out of the trash. A witness also told authorities that Burns was in the middle of potty training the child and would punish her by beating her or leaving her in a soiled diaper.Burn additionally told police that she did not believe the bruise around the child’s eye socket was that bad so she did not seek medical attention and that the child had not been to a doctor in awhile because the child’s primary doctor no longer accepted her insurance.last_img