Treasure hunting in Igbaras illegal – Nat’l Museum

first_imgEsmeralda, have also not issued any permit for treasure hunting,ground excavation or mining in the village. For his part, Barangay CaptainCornelio Elumba of Pasong dismissed speculations there could be Yamashitatreasures buried in his village. According to Barns, “upon due study and verification of ourrecords”, it was found out that the permit in the possession of Noly LaquihonBayogos, CPD-THP-2019-20 dated June 1, 2019, was in fact issued to somebodyelse – Leovigilda Uson / Francisco S. Dela Fuente on May 28, 2019 for SitioLanod, Barangay Punean, Carangalan, Nueva Ecijca. Igbaras’ Mayor Jaime Esmeralda confirmed having received theletter. “This Office (also) reserves the right to (take) appropriate legalaction against you without prejudice to other agencies’ right to file an actionunder their mandates and for people or properties largely affected by yourillegal activities,” added Barns. Under the law, all treasure hunting permits and licenses shall beissued by the National Museum of the Philippines. “All your treasure hunting works undertaken in the area under saidtreasure hunting permit (CPD-THP-2019-20) are deemed unauthorized and consideredillegal, violating Republic Act No. 10066, the National Cultural Heritage Actof 2009,” read part of Barns’ letter. The local government of Igbaras would be serving Bayogos theNational Museum’s letter. Esmeralda said he would be coordinating with thePhilippine National Police and Philippine Army. Yamashita was assigned to defend theJapan-colonized Philippines from the advancing Allied forces in the waningyears of World War 2. He failed to stop the Allied advance, and Japanultimately surrendered in August 1945. The municipal government of Igbaras and barangay council ofPasong, according to Barns wrote a letter containing this information coursed to thelocal government of Igbaras for serving to Bayogos. “Kontuod nga may ara, kontani damo nga mal-am ang mahambal sina,” he said. ILOILO – The National Museum of the Philippines has not issued apermit for treasuring hunting in Barangay Pasong, Igbaras, Iloilo. Some residents of Barangay Pasong said the diggers were lookingfor the buried gold treasures of World War 2 Japanese general TomoyukiYamashita. Barns ordered Bayogos to “cease and desist” from digging fortreasuring hunting. The local government of Igbaras recently inquired with theNational Museum if it had issued a treasure hunting permit covering a propertyin Barangay Pasong. Nearby households feared the excavations would have adversegeological impact such as landslide, soil erosion and the earth caving in. Thus, according to National Museum director-general Jeremy Barns,the ongoing excavation at a private property there for alleged Yamashitatreasure was “unauthorized and considered illegal.” The National Museum chief also ordered Bayogos to rehabilitate thearea that was already excavated. Before his Philippine assignment,Yamashita and his men were said to have plundered other Southeast Asiancountries that Japan attacked and/or invaded during the war and buried the lootin the Philippines./PNlast_img