Behind a mu of farmland data supremacy agricultural business model for the electricity supplier

reporter Zhu Ping Beijing reported

the afternoon of July 30th, an acre of agricultural products business platform B2B recently field data being questioned to the public response, the vice president Li Guoxun said that part of the data platform is test data, product vulnerabilities, front display data and background transaction data is completely different, and emphasize the platform daily trading volume does not exist false the phenomenon of.

for this data storm, in fact, more reflects the market for agricultural electricity supplier questioned. In the industry view, the agricultural electricity supplier in addition to burn, or IT, agriculture, capital, cold chain and other comprehensive competition in the national development premise of good agricultural electricity supplier, will see the outcome after 5 years.

background data is true?

recently, an acre of land to be questioned speculation and fraud, people questioned said the fraud behavior, there is a land transaction data analysis pointed out that the platform "6 hours before Liu boss purchased 999.999 tons of peach." The information is "accurate"; "the boss 9 hours ago purchased 1073741.8235 tons of onion" more information than onion rich Xichang area yield of 300 thousand tons per year; and for the daily 300 million yuan, nearly 10 billion yuan a month turnover also questioned.


, a field in vice president Li Guoxun said to the media, the website does have a number of products and the data is not perfect, "Da Shinsei started B2B agricultural product transaction is only one year, during this period of time, the company has been in the upgrading of products, an acre of land strategy is dominated by mobile APP, APP average every two weeks iterative a version number up to more than and 100, each new version of engineer will release some test data. PC update is relatively slow, or last June version. Even now, an acre of land APP and website can still find a lot of Bug, this situation will continue to improve with the company’s technical strength."

data on this test, an acre of land technology responsible person in the high grass explained that the development and testing of limited resources last year, the product technology team together less than 30 people, can not fully guarantee the quality. PM (Product Manager) usually requires online testing, will leave a variety of camel or 100 tons of sales of onions and other issues.

for questioned the average daily turnover of 300 million yuan, Li Guoxun is the background data, let the media see the data show that as of now, a total of 15 billion 300 million acres of water, from June 20th to July 20th, an acre of land transaction data of 9 billion 900 million yuan. Most of the data is the volume of APP transactions, while the average daily trading volume PC side 2 single, almost No. But why APP side and PC side data will be so far, Li Guoxun did not give instructions.

seems to Li Guoxun, the reason why there will be a lot of questions outside, because of too little understanding of an acre of land, he further explained the business model of an acre of land: online APP for agricultural producers and wholesalers