The shopkeeper beware of change camouflage scam

will start, check the nephew summer homework, found that such a math problem: I was in the store, the boss gave 50 dollars to buy a box of 5 dollars for 45 pieces of chewing gum, the boss, but I suddenly feel that 50 dollars Tingxin himself, and would want to change back to the boss. I gave the boss to find my 5 dollars, the boss also gave me the bill of 50 yuan. Q: how much did I make today?


"tested two times change fraud

A member of the

: playing with counterfeit banknote cheat

7 18 on the morning of about seven or eight, another looks like a man of the age of more than and 30, the same Anxi accent, to Ms. Lin’s shop in the first to a pound of mung bean and a pound of sugar. The man handed 100 yuan, Ms. Lin also find good change to him.

"dumb" change one small


in Wuhan Hankou a watch glasses firm, the boss is away in the vicinity of playing cards, only daughter small pan Shou shop 15 year old temporary. There’s only one in the store