Chengdu lekool technology is a listed company to 1 billion 600 million yuan acquisition

in the face of fierce market competition, if you can not adapt to the development needs of the market, and actively carry out reform and innovation, will face a series of risks. Such as: acquisition, bankruptcy, liabilities, etc.. According to the latest news that Chengdu lekool technology is a listed company to 1 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of Shenghua biok. Let us look at the following.

recently, the Chengdu gaming company lekool technology was listed A shares (600226, shares) Shenghua biok with 1 billion 600 million yuan acquisition news, by the industry wide concern. The game industry as the name card of Chengdu science and technology industry, favored by the capital markets, acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions have occurred.

from last year to this year, at least four listed companies issued a notice of the acquisition of Chengdu online games business. Sson Ed Back 1 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of lekool technology, makes Chengdu lekool technology become currently the highest trading price game company.

analysts believe that the game company alone into the capital market is very difficult, the acquisition is a shortcut, the future of similar acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions will continue to occur.

1 billion 600 million cross Shenghua biok "play the game"

5 20 evening, Shenghua biok announcement, the Commission approved the merger and reorganization Commission conditionally approved the acquisition of 100% stake in Shenghua biok lekool technology. Shenghua biok intends to 1 billion 600 million yuan (800 million yuan cash + 800 million yuan acquisition of shares) lekool technology, and to the actual control of Shenghua biok Shen Pei today non-public offering to raise funds not exceeding 1 billion 500 million yuan.

lekool technology is a Chengdu online game developers and agents, Shenghua biok main new pesticides and veterinary drugs, the acquisition is designed to broaden the scope of business, create new profit growth point, to achieve the transformation of business strategy.

5 23 April lekool technology to the WCC reporter confirmed the acquisition, and said that after the completion of the acquisition, development will remain committed to the game business. R & D, lekool technology main network game was established in 2007 the agency issued and IP and source code, the game development business in Chengdu. For the specific details of the acquisition, and the future cooperation, lekool technology that is not convenient to disclose, listed company announcement.

16 million of the purchase price, but also makes Chengdu lekool technology become the highest trading price of the game company. A number of listed companies targeting the game industry in Chengdu

The acquisition of

lekool technology is not the first to be listed companies Chengdu game company. In 2015, at least two Chengdu gaming companies favored by the capital. In September 2015, the main mobile network game development and operation of the sky youhome by Kaiser shares (002425 shares) acquisition, the transaction price of 12.1 recommended