s it true that the English teacher is really a foreign teacher

believe that a lot of people have such experience, if a kindergarten with a foreign teacher, even if the tuition is more expensive, but also by many parents are sure, business will be better. And the major English training institutions is so. Well, compared with the domestic English teachers, English training courses teachers really foreign teachers better?

days ago, reporters heard a friend made a very "interesting" things: a Shenyang English school recruit two English teachers, a monthly salary of 8000 yuan, requires a certain English teaching experience, professor for English based students; the other is a monthly salary of 1500 yuan, the recruitment of children’s English teacher. The person who throws a resume is full of the recruitment table, but are candidates for children’s English, but no one dared to take a high salary.

high level of English teachers, the lack of English teaching organizers, but also provides more opportunities for foreign teachers who. Is it our own teacher?

reporter survey, visit found that the community of English training courses, although many, but really want to find a high point is not easy. Require a higher starting point of the learners, after consulting the answer to hear more: "then you will participate in the foreign class bar, a higher level."

do we have only a foreigner here? Foreign teachers, tuition is relatively high, many of our money to foreigners earned." Mr. Cao, who took part in the Wall Street English training.

century, Wall Street…… Many training institutions are "foreign teachers" as the main title, and now the English training, more and more "foreign teachers" is equal to "Advanced English" trend. Foreign teachers in pronunciation and so on, really good, but some aspects of teaching, not necessarily stronger than domestic teachers, and even can be said to be less than the domestic English teacher.

Beijing New Oriental public relations propaganda department director Yuan Mei told reporters, on the course of the master and focus on teaching awareness, domestic teachers are far more than foreign teachers."

reporter survey of a national key university of an English major class, the class of more than 80% of the students in the University during the training institutions to do part-time teachers, English tutor, and reflect the effect of teaching good". But after graduation, but no one to continue to engage in related teaching work, 30% of the people went to foreign companies, the non professional counterparts to find 40%.

"take advantage of the young to learn more things, who will speak English, we do not hurry to learn something else will be finished!" Several students have gone abroad to further their studies. Generally reflect the "to do the part-time, can also earn money, not what the development of full-time English teachers.

interview process, the reporter also found >