Hongkong classic stockings tea shop market prospects

what is the Prime Minister of China’s economic growth? Small make up personal opinion that the consumer giant restaurant industry. Why do you say that? We just do not speak in the eyes of the catering market is what, according to authoritative analysis, China catering has trillion market, take the tea beverage industry, due to the concept of healthy eating is rising, we can often see the major shopping malls, pedestrian street tea shop in front of buyers in a continuous line. So for small and medium catering entrepreneurs, the choice of milk tea shop is a good choice to join. So open milk tea shop really have market prospects? Look at the following Xiaobian analysis:

tea industry to achieve such a brilliant performance has its inevitability, mainly depends on the following three aspects:

first silk stockings by a variety of delicious raw materials into selling is done now, taste fresh and delicious, pure taste of tea is very attractive, rely on large industrial production of tea is impossible to rival.

second, the taste continues to introduce new, more changes, the formation of many series, consumers choose wide. There is only tea jasmine tea, coffee, tea, wheat tea Black Tea Black Tea, additives have pearls, coconut etc..

third, less investment, low risk, quick effect, tea can invest hundreds of thousands of complex restaurants do, can also put a few million to do takeaway shop, very suitable for personal entrepreneurship.

China has over 1 billion 300 million of the population, has a long history of food culture, with the development of economy and culture, the diet structure is gradually changed, green health, chasing fashion, taste, nutrition, leisure has been popular delicacy. To join the system as the main fashion drinks, like music, like music means youth, fashion, romance and charm. Its strong creativity and extremely Chi vitality, has broken the boundaries of the season, has become the mainstream of casual drinks.

there are a lot of people choose to open a tea shop as the first choice for business, but the tea shop need to have technology and experience, are investigated, for the tea shop, if there is no technology and experience, the individual shop success rate is only 20%, and join the well-known brand chain system can be as high as 80%, so it is best to choose a tea shop of a famous tea brand, so as to ensure. Now the market tea brand very much, a lot of tea brands that dragons and fishes jumbled together, free initial fee, free training, to send equipment, a lot of people blind investment, blind bankrupt. To believe that there is no free lunch, a standard operation of the industry is bound to produce the corresponding costs.

Hongkong classic stockings tea as a ten year old brand, face such as