Huangzhong training 100 village cadres

in order to further improve the overall quality of rural cadres, enhance rural cadres to lead the masses to the common prosperity of the Huangzhong County, recently organized 100 village Party branch secretary and village committee director for a period of 3 days of intensive training.

for the current rural cadres in the implementation of the policy of the party, to lead the masses to common prosperity, democratic management, according to law, to maintain social stability, promote social and economic development, there is still lack of ability level, not much work, work methods have gaps and other issues, seriously study the training content, focused seminars, party spirit the eighteen rural grassroots organizations, petition event mediation, the mediation of disputes of agricultural science and technology, knowledge and other content, make the training content according with the actual work, easy to understand, easy to master. (author: Su Jianping Ma Zhongying)