Xining north new four measures to change the style of serving the masses zero barriers not slack

this year, the area north of the city of Xining city government work style changes as a top priority, the urgent need to imminent rectification, adhere to the full implementation of information system based on the whereabouts of the staff, according to the actual, formulated the "further standardize the work processes and completion time limit" measures "to further smooth mass appeal channels of public servants" measures "the administrative fault accountability measures" and "to further strengthen the supervision and inspection procedures" and other four systems, in order to standardize the process, within a limited period of time as the starting point, to pursue the responsibility of supervision by the masses, means to cultivate self-discipline, diligent people cadres for the purpose of promoting the transformation of government bureaucracy, caused great repercussions in the masses in.

standard process, limited transparency window let people feel comfortable

typical example

Wang changes to the business hall of the deep feeling: "last year, I apply for small loans in Chengbei District People Club Bureau Service Hall, because they do not need to know what the relevant procedures prepared in advance, the staff said that the lack of this, while talking, I come back to about more than and 10 times. Now a big change, the need for the formalities, procedures, time limit clearly, if not within three, the staff will be on-site service, it is very convenient. In the past, things need to take a chance, but now it is active, initiative in the hands of the masses, because the masses know the bottom line."

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walked into the North District of Xining city hall, a specific and clear procedures and the required information, don’t ask people who will know what to do. To apply for small loans, insurance payment process residents medical treatment process, rural residents, health permit approval process of the accreditation process involved in agriculture, health, urban management, health care, employment of the 17 systems, straight to the point, does not cover does not cover, watching many people nodded silently, repeatedly said. What if there is no clear place, each window is smiling, and a pie. Most people sigh with emotion is not to meet the processing conditions, the functions of different permissions and other objective reasons can not be handled, the staff will take the initiative to actively coordinate with relevant departments to give a reasonable explanation and a clear answer, and active commitment Banjie time limit; for individual specific matters and special service group, the window unit when the wrong office, booking service, door-to-door service, to provide maximum convenience for the general public, for the purpose of serving the people into each person smile in action here and very practical.

It is reported that

and other people involved in the administrative licensing application services will be in the north of the city district government website, public media and other media publicity in batches, staging, the foundation completely to the masses, to effectively protect the people’s right to know. By the end of this year, the city will achieve 87 projects in the process of full disclosure, and strive to create an efficient and transparent atmosphere, and then change the image of the government.

public phone, smooth channels to achieve the aspirations of the masses zero barrier;