What needs to be prepared to open barbecue franchise

    barbecue is a favorite delicacy, it can bring to people new delicacy experience, let more people love this delicious barbecue, so has more popularity, attract people to come to the consumer, you know how to open a barbecue stores need to prepare for what?

open barbecue shop need to prepare what: prepare a business plan

as the saying goes, a good beginning is half done. Investors in the decision before the open grill, need to prepare a plan for the specific content including competition counterparts, barbecue shop oriented consumer group, the management method suitable to shop, selling products, investment cost and profit analysis etc..

open barbecue shop need to prepare what: adequate funding

no matter what investors choose to open shop, adequate funds are essential. If you just want to open a car type open-air barbecue shop, need not a lot of money, about 5 – 100 thousand yuan; but if you want to open shops or more high-end stores, the cost is more, the preliminary estimate of 10 – 200 thousand yuan can.

open barbecue shop need to prepare what: choose the right store

barbecue shop location and the profitability of it are inseparable, therefore, when investors in the choice of sites must be careful. In general, in order to do a good job, the store needs to choose the flow of people more concentrated schools, shopping malls, communities nearby, where the consumer groups are relatively stable.

open barbecue shop need to prepare what: barbecue equipment and personnel equipped with

if it is a bucket style barbecue stalls, all need 1 – 2 people can be; if it is a shop, then count the waiter about the need for 3 – 5. Barbecue equipment required is not many, mainly including electric oven, oven, frying pan, other iron, bamboo and so on, according to the different materials, need to invest 8000 to 50000 yuan.

if you want to open a barbecue franchise, we must find a reasonable location, so as to make their barbecue franchise business is not bad, also need to give consumers to rich dishes, so that consumers can choose.