Three rules for the poor to become rich in 2012

many people have a dream, is to become a millionaire. For such an idea, many people think it is daydreaming, in fact, not necessarily. Three rules for the poor to become rich in 2012, 2012. Do you consider yourself to be a poor man? If it is, do you want to change their status quo, from now on to accumulate their wealth, the ranks of the rich? Read the following financial philosophy, perhaps you will be inspired.

1 the cost of living will become the first capital of

smartfortune philosophy: desire is the greatest power of wealth, only full of desire, and enjoy the joy of making money in the investment process, the cost of living is likely to become the first capital "". At the same time, the accumulation of capital awareness and operating capital experience and skills, to obtain the final success.

2 the first few years of the greatest difficulty

in fact, the poor to become rich, the biggest difficulty is the first few years. There is a wealth of ideas of law: for the start empty-handed people, if the first 1 million yuan spent 10 years, then, from 1 million yuan to 10 million yuan, perhaps only 5 years, from 10 million yuan to 100 million yuan, only 3 years is enough.

smartfortune philosophy: the poor not only capital, but sadly no awareness of capital, no capital management experience and skills. If the poor money is not capital, it can only be poor.

3 the capacity of their own investment