Food and beverage pricing strategy

as may be about to open your restaurant, still is not for their own vegetables pricing worry about it today, specifically for the "dishes how pricing" this issue, made detailed introduction to everybody. The pricing of dishes is generally determined by the cost of ingredients, the ease of production and the quality and service of the restaurant. For example, the stall may be about 12 yuan a dish of vegetables, you may need more than $25 in a restaurant. Follow the rules of the pricing itself is not a problem, but how can we play in the price of dishes, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the performance of the restaurant?

1, loss Pricing: "special" as "scary jump"

loss pricing is the so-called special dishes, the price will be much lower than the price of food, in order to attract customers, detonated propaganda purposes. Pizza hut, for example, there is such a special dish, Monday to Friday, some dishes can enjoy half price or 38 yuan a pizza and the like.

2, low profit pricing: the face of cooked vegetables knife can not fast

"face cooked food, everyone can say a few, such as Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork, Kung Pao Chicken and so on, so the food price must be set too low, especially in the low-end cost-effective route to go restaurant, the best at the lowest price in the city, so that the guests will leave the first impression of the restaurant cheap". For example, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork, most of the restaurants in more than 10 yuan, and your restaurant for 8 yuan, and the price of a roadside shop, but your food from the product phase, quality, weight, taste, of course is not more than the roadside shop. So the guests came to the store, eat once you will find your store cheap and delicious food.

3, high profit pricing: specialty dishes can earn more earn more

store specialty, the guests are not common, the price must be set high, such as the average gross margin of 40% in the restaurant, this dish can be set in the gross profit of 50%, the guests generally feel less than. For example, large yellow croaker, cost more than 10 yuan, I will give it set at $38. Of course, this also has a comparison, if the dish to get a big restaurant to sell, will certainly be much higher than the price.

will feature a higher price of food, so as to obtain a relatively high profit, to make up for the lack of some dishes gross margin, thereby ensuring the overall gross margin dishes. The use of this technique is the use of low-cost raw materials to make high-grade products, or low-grade and high-grade raw materials combined, the customer will feel that the food grade is high, the price is not too expensive.

generally speaking, normal profit pricing, which is in accordance with the provisions of the gross margin of restaurant dishes pricing, this part of the dishes to be a large proportion in the overall proportion of about 60% is appropriate, low profit food accounted for 10>