The customer must say, the website must design the atmosphere.

wrote this article as if it were a bit of a grievance, and the question was always very abstract. "Enterprise website atmosphere for what?" since access to the Internet, via my hand enterprise website construction or revision of such work is too many to count most web project requirements, design all have one thing in common: the design requirements must be "atmosphere".

, "the atmosphere", originally unfamiliar words, gradually occupied my design ideas, there is a sense of being raped blindly. In fact, if you ask today’s small businesses to make some demands on your design, they may not even be able to ask for a minimum of requirements from a professional point of view. I have also tentatively asked some of the customer’s most basic design requirements. For example, the basic color of the website and the like, often get the answer is: you look at it, what color, good-looking, with what color. This irresponsible answer to his own business will inevitably affect the design direction of the designer to a certain extent.

goes back to the "atmosphere" mentioned in the title of the article. The specific meaning of this word in the dictionary. I don’t know, but most of the customers are seriously written on the demand that put it down in black and white. This is possible in their design work for you without any constructive requirements, abruptly imposed on the most unreasonable design personnel for not thinking of the brain. But how to do the atmosphere, they also can not pay attention to, some customers may just to cover up their frivolous, and had to make a considerable complement to it.

for designers, the "atmosphere" is really a headache. Because of the "atmosphere" this thing is not to say that can be done, this is not a real object, love can only be sensed. Floating clouds, a plane and so on can only show their vulgar, what is more, all that must be in the home and business manager put photos, music player and so on, this is their "atmosphere". However, these so-called "atmosphere" did not increase the advantages of the site, but it also highlights the "Inaction" of the enterprise. What we have to do now is to persuade them to enlighten education, do not put their own enterprises into a public place of entertainment, entertainment, the portal is enough, what they have, you can have. But often these suggestions will be behind them, "I let you do what you do, and you will not be less a minute!" whenever hear such words, this is definitely not what the strength of the enterprise. To spin a plane, to indicate its height; to make a logistics; to sing a symphony; a music player; to show his depth… Is it atmospheric,


find such a definition of commercial websites on the Internet, feeling generally comprehensive: "atmosphere" refers to the performance of the prominent theme, and appropriate exaggeration, weakening the auxiliary graphics, reduce interference elements. At the same time, through the color matching, the use and proportion of elements, such as the formation of sophisticated visual center, >