Focus on small areas to become bigger

is now the development of the Internet, have no place to hide, as long as we think, there are people who do, with access to investors, with many traditional companies, Internet Denver’s chances of becoming small, the Internet competition is also growing.

let’s not say that we are still on the road, that is, some smashed tens of millions of sites, there is a chance of deficit, not to mention personal websites, 60% of the site can not live a year of cruel reality. The easiest thing to do is to have some quasi portals and integrated websites. The bigger the stall, the less likely it is to walk.

on the contrary, a lot of small companies drilling network corner, small sites, but live very moist. Sell trash sites, selling QQ coin, Duke, do PDA, do local group purchase, local talent, work clothes, a small sports such as tennis, but this kind of easy. And a debut is comprehensive, classification, focusing on 100 million Internet users instead of developing, there is no core, there is no power, competition is greater.

because in small places, so easy to dig deep, but also easy to vertical down, it is easier to form a brand advantage, based on small points in order to penetrate into the industry and the field. Starting with a comprehensive type, it’s hard to get into the details of a particular field. If only on the surface of the general, it is difficult to dig the treasure. It is difficult to gather the popularity of the industry.

because in small places, there is no escape route, forcing their website to do more professional. Less competition in a small place is also more likely to attract a particular population structure. In fact, the small market is very large, and now there are specialized links to do the site, it is said that a month business to do more than 100 thousand.

because more cohesive in small, so, you have only a small territory, you will be going to eat every day occupied space, so as to expand steadily, you do a PDA website, you will see only a few PDA in this field is your goal in this area before several. Would you consider more is the user, if you start positioning in the download site, you will have a lot to do, download the source code, download software, download, download games, movie download, download e-books, too many categories, then you don’t know where the competitors, can not find where.