Examples of why traditional enterprises in the nternet go so hard

as we all know, now, no matter what the industry seems to pay great attention to the Internet, as if not to engage in Internet gadgets, it feels outdated. Not recently, there are tyrant Wanda joint BAT in the BT to engage in O2O company, but also rumors Wang son smashed tens of millions to buy the same brand domain name. It is conceivable how important the Internet is, and how exactly the Internet is popular.

but we also know that there are many traditional enterprises to do the Internet, but there are fewer and fewer ones that can be successfully transformed. And I use this as the beginning, that is because there is a real case. The subject of this case is a nouveau riche traditional enterprise and a regular shopping site, the in order to prevent unnecessary trouble is not the specific name; two subjects are in a second tier city. This thing is from the two sides signed the contract to look out, maybe the internet think this contract layman is very fair, but as long as the understanding of the Internet especially for the electricity supplier from the following description of the contents of my friends will find problems, find the traditional enterprise is simply not the rhythm.

, first of all, say the background of the next two. The traditional enterprise is a state-owned capital enterprise that nouveau riche, not bad money; but the shopping site is actually a grass root, is to use a set of online source code to build a website, there is a hint of this company is not the main to the website, just to do with. And I’ve done through the Internet and experience of Western digital agency, through a variety of data query analysis, this site is actually a kind of relatively unpopular, one day a hundred independent visitors on the good, a small local small team and not full-time do we understand the electricity supplier network station.

is the second contract signed a cooperation is the content of the traditional enterprise (below called party a) in the shopping website (below called party b) on an activity, the contents of the user is seckill goods on the site, and then in the payment process to use a product of Party A to complete the payment, of course the user of the product cost can be ignored, with the kind of activities on Taobao seckill almost a penny. Which is as long as the participation of the user can get a $10 voucher, of course, can only be used on the site of consumption.

seckill goods include: digital products, fruits and other tangible goods and the site vouchers. The cost of the two sides is: Party A shall pay for digital products, fruits and other physical activities of goods, the total value of 1 million, Party B shall pay vouchers per user is 10 yuan, is expected to total 4 million, and is expected to express fee 40 thousand.

you see here, maybe a lot of people will scold me, very good people on both sides not to cooperate, but the party also made by Party B of the platform, and human resources, and in the process, allowing users to use their products. In the end, only 1 million will be paid, while others will pay 4 million 100 thousand. A lot of people might think of Party B as a mutual