Personal webmaster two years of web learning experience

since leaving school, once lost, the pain, but also joy and happiness, because of their continuous growth, constantly in the failure to learn and grow, leaving school classmates and perhaps in the eyes of parents is wrong, but in my opinion it is right, because I don’t care what degree, I care about is the ability, strength, have no qualifications for me really does not matter, or perhaps someone can understand me, but in any case, I will work hard.

since leaving school, I chose to study computer, surprisingly teacher training at a glance I love programming, although when the beginner is graphic design, or the end of the three months after the teacher recommended to an Internet company to go to work, that is to work, rather than that is to learn web programming, the beginning of the site utterly ignorant of the content of the website is, to figure out how to update, why are.Asp,.Php, of course, suffix, domain name and server and is going to make me confused and disoriented, ha ha.

in the network company to work about three days later, the boss talked to me, let me say that learning the knowledge of websites, so I started a new round of learning, a start is DW and FL, because it was what all don’t understand, so only the boss is how to say what I do, slowly independently production of static pages, regardless of my boss, so I began to explore their own learning, of course, also read some related books, then they would understand, self-study is really a very difficult thing.

finally persevered, about three or four months later, I finally understand the script, website, domain name and server knowledge, was really happy ah! Although just beginning, oneself also can’t program, but after all these months of knowledge is their own self come first, by virtue of their own the ability to learn knowledge, is really very happy.

so in the next few months, I began to really put into production design and site procedures, the work pays off, and finally in half a year after I mastered the ASP programming, although some of the things he is not involved, but instead some small programs already did not have what problem, the rest is constantly in the process of production site practice.

remember my boss for a month’s salary is 300 yuan, because it is learning and working at the same time, so this is the cost of living, but for me, even the cost of living is not enough (of course, I do not make money), so the work about nearly a year, I chose to resign. Then the home because I saw the love of computer, so I decided to buy a computer for me to study at home, parents know that now I did not go to work, learn knowledge is not enough, so let me study at home, so I spent about three months, was finally able to develop their own set of website program, although the program will have many loopholes, but I am not afraid, as long as their further study, will minimize the vulnerabilities.