My personal views on the sale of connections on the website

Hello, everyone today to bring me a connection on the sale of my personal problems, today, the group asked me if I want to PR5 station connection, encountered this situation is much more. It can be said that all stations and stations will encounter things. Everyone is used to it. But today I’m going to talk about it.

I just want to say that selling connections equals selling web sites.

You expect the

connection can earn much money? The impact on your site is not tiny but adventitious quantity.

will take 3 stops today for example.

China webmaster circle there are many well-known websites,, webmasterhome and Jz123 are one of them, but I want to praise jz123 today, because today I want to say, and the principle of PR, selling links.

he brings us a topic, or can we say something about it?. PR4, which was a station of PR5 last year, is now stepping back because it sells links and sells it to PR stations.

we all know the problem of private station, here is not much to say. The future of the site is ruined. PR6, I told the circle (JZ123 head) relationship is very good, he phoned me today, very pleased to tell me: "J, JZ123 PR to 6." I was on the road, I thought: "a PR station can directly from PR4 to PR6, not after PR5 returned to the Office?" look, it is PR6, Sina home page PR8. This is because I didn’t call, saying, because Chinese station PR6 exchange principle.

circle is a principled webmaster, and JZ123 is also a website with principles. Starting in 2004, step by step,,,, these stations have become the invisible champion in this circle.

,, ALEXA:10170 traffic: 100 thousand IP per day, Google, Baidu news source, Sina to friendship links, this is already very powerful.

doesn’t say much, but I’m sure friends who know about the changes in JZ123 and webmasterhome’s PR process will feel that way. If you do stand really is to buy connections to earn a little money, then I have nothing to say, but if you see your station is very important, is a principled person. Then you know what to do.

summary sentence and SEO related: try not to sell links, especially don’t sell to private stations. Selling links is actually destroying your career. >