You can also increase the unit price by trading links

I would like to see this article of friends believe that you are not in A5 for two days a day, but also hope that this article can be a love road to everyone. Online trading in real transactions is not much different, or in your own ability to convince.

I rarely in the A5 forum to only release information into the forum, usually to A5 are to see the new post on the site where many articles are really good here, but also learned a lot of ideas worth learning, in fact the nature of most of our sites are not the same, but the target almost all, hope website can bring some income. However, A5 here provides you with a trading platform.

PR5 a month how much money, a lot of people think, probably in 50 to 60 or so fast, this price, many people feel very good. But the price is absolutely a very low price, why not let the price increase, Guan Jian, the problem is that most friends do not know how to manage this problem, I have a Baidu PR4 forum included in article more than 20000, page 100 a month total 150 a month. But I also stressed to customers to ensure that the sale of no more than 5 links, so customers quickly in my business, I also become permanent customers every day on time to renew.

a lot of people with almost my forum or web site, PR4, almost in the price of more than 30 yuan, the site sold 10 of several links, calculate its revenue is 300.

compare my, a link 150, I only make 5 links a month, 750 blocks of income.

, and then explain,

when you sell a lot of links on your site, you may have a bigger problem with the search engine. Is likely to drop K, PR value will drop. When you fell, the customer will not give you renew, you said the sale method before us who better.

, and I sell links is limited, but also to ensure the quality of the link outside the site, but also to ensure that it is not so simple to K out, and many data will rise. You said my client would run away?.

my client won’t run away, and I don’t need to waste time looking for clients. I can use the time to go somewhere else. What would you choose if you say both?.

here, as long as the webmaster can guarantee to the user effect, I believe your price, they will not feel high, they buy links for what, of course, to effect ah. No effect, give you 10 Fen, they are not willing to give.

and how to guarantee the effect, then it is necessary to reduce the volume of transactions, increase the unit price, to the customer effect.

in front of this, the most important thing is your ability to convince. Do not think you can not stand, as long as you work hard, I believe there will be income.

, I don’t provide my website information