Guess about the profit model

a few days ago, I and uncle Kan carefully discussed the profit model, he made some I have never thought of interesting ideas, to some extent subvert my previous understanding of earnings awareness. Let me sum up these wonderful ideas, of course, this is only speculation, not necessarily correct.

over the years, I’ve been focusing on interviews with Founder Zhou sources. It is strange that, when it comes to knowing the profit model, Zhou Yuan seems to have always been in such a position: know almost to do Internet infrastructure, products make profits naturally, now do not worry about profit first. However, when I went to ponder poineering company profit model, but always think: if have the ambition of a product, rather than just want to burn in the investor’s money, it is necessary to think about your own product profit model. Even if it is difficult to make a profit at the start of the business, you must make a general idea so that you can make a profit at the right time and at the right place. As mentioned in Rework, the real business starts with the first day of the game and asks questions about how to make profits.

therefore, I once thought that there was a lack of clear understanding of earnings. In order to cater to investors, at the expense of community quality at the expense of eager expansion. Now, my point of view is too childish.

we see that in recent years there have been many innovations in the Internet’s profit model, but the basic pattern has not changed much. If you do not consider the business community, focusing on the profit model, can be roughly Internet profit model can be divided into two categories (not comprehensive place also please correct me): one is reselling traffic, or is the most common selling advertising, of course advertising and soft hard wide wide variety of forms; the other is for example, IAP value-added services such fees. If it is specific to know how profitable, in fact, there are very many discussions in the know, and now I can see roughly speculation as follows:

subscriber pays. For example, paying questions, but that’s not reliable. According to Zhou’s idea, the answer is "cognitive surplus", in order to satisfy the value of self actualization and gain self-identity, not to make money. Fees are bound to destroy literacy, so knowledge is almost certainly not charged to users.

recruitment services. Before there are many people may know almost speculation toward the LinkedIn development model, but from the beginning of the real name system known to give up for a moment, some unreasonable headhunting mode, and have great difference between Stack and Overflow such professional community, now known not to go this way.

sidebar ads. I know I’ve put ads in the sidebar before, but I can see that I’ve always been very careful about advertising, and now I know that there’s no advertising on the sidebar. I think the most common guess for the public about earnings is that they are being put on such a wide range, but there is no doubt that users will feel bad about it. In the light of recent developments, I