28 SMS network suffered relentless drop right whether to love Shanghai related promotion


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the quality problem is always makes me very headache, because as an SMS website, really want to create those articles, really is not so simple, so the content of the message station most copied or pseudo original content of the others, their own little hand out, so that the content on the Internet is bound to repeat too much, now do website message type of the others might be able to copy others beyond count, the content directly, and there will be a better ranking, because their website has a certain weight; if you do that, the search will not recognized, a long time to do so, the site will be repeated 28 SMS network content, perhaps it is because the quality of the station the reason causing the site to drop right!

28 SMS network original website:

don’t love Shanghai?


three, the chain loss rate of

love Shanghai promotion website:

two, the quality problem

since two days before the CCTV exposure to love Shanghai, love Shanghai and also the relationship between the CCTV to Shanghai is to raise a Babel of criticism of love, interest and human search engine control? The Shanghai dragon Er we are not 100% sure to fall in love with the sea, but for some of the practices, I personally think that is very immoral, such as bidding promotion, the promotion of the use of others to do the bidding website name, 28 SMS network recently encountered such a problem, in Shanghai love to enter "28 SMS network", actually love Shanghai promotion website links, since the emergence of this link, the site down the right, it is for the benefit of start the


promotion of love

for the 28 SMS network right down to the most obvious performance in addition to keyword ranking dropped substantially, the number of the chain is greatly reduced from the original 13000>

a website right down is a very painful thing, some time ago webmaster friends heart feeling, love Shanghai search engine is constantly changing, bring disaster to another batch of websites, 28 SMS network is no exception, have good keywords ranking, suddenly all 100 outside, site traffic has also plummeted also, Links helplessly ruthlessly removed, but there is a chance of psychology, is perhaps the site right down due to love Shanghai’s own mistakes, slowly wait a few days should recover quickly! But the past two weeks, right down to the fact that it had to admit it can be said! Right down the website for us is a very big blow! But the webmaster friends all know, although the site down the right, we must also find it right down, from the most basic friendship The link server causes of analysis, summed up the three causes of website right down: