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I insist that it is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work my teacher told me the first lesson.

first declare that I am a grassroots webmaster, from the contact Shanghai dragon now has a few years time. Love Shanghai two years or has not calm, several times not update a headache for many webmaster, we do not know what is love Shanghai next step, but in the face of a series of websites have been implicated, many owners are not calm. Then the face of algorithm changing love Shanghai search engine, we master the future work of how to love the stars? Here on this issue and to explore together, said to contain what is the wrong place also please.

, a website to be out of the ordinary fresh content

Fresh content

believe that the webmaster friends know Scindapsus algorithm love Shanghai launched in February 19, 2012, on the set of algorithms the role I do not say I believe we know more than I want to, which means that the intelligent search engine to love Shanghai. Love Shanghai crackdown on cheating further increased, remember the last love Shanghai has on the content of the site and the chain of a series of upgrades, this year for the sale of Links this behavior is to intensify the crackdown, many webmaster friends of the sites are affected in this adjustment, at the same time, many webmaster friends for the first time out of an injustice, because every major upgrade will cause some webmaster friends affected, so this is no exception. But no matter how an injustice is of no avail to the webmaster, in Shanghai it seems that we love the attention is not so high, so we can only swallow to re optimize our website, then we how to more effectively ensure our website constantly adjust the tenacious production down? Love stars to explain some of their own experience.

I said in here I believe we are not difficult to understand, although it will spread to some innocent sites all love Shanghai every time a major upgrade, but our webmaster complaining and have not thought about why we always suffer? If your website is a website at the same time is out of the ordinary. Good content experience, then Shanghai will be free to love your site to drop right or K off? Surely that everyone should know that if you love Shanghai regardless of the user experience, so only to perish. Although my English ability is very poor do not know why the Shanghai love crawling system called spiders, but I know whether human or animal or insect, as long as there is life will love new things, love of spiders in Shanghai is the same, this is no love Shanghai how to adjust how to improve will change the fact that only you every day to add new articles to your site, the spider love love Shanghai will visit your site, and ultimately achieve the effect, and is likely to give just right down to such sites like Shanghai.

two, Shanghai dragon persistence is the most important quality