The new owners how to learn Shanghai Longfeng personal experience sharing

now let us first, weight. We all said to train weight, there is a very easy for you to ignore where is your address is static address or pseudo static address? Your domain name begins with WWW or without WWW when writing?. If we can tell the search engine, this is the only point to the title of your address. Then there will be a great weight of address. There is, we all know that the weight is the highest weight. So on the front page links will be more or less to some weight. So we have no way to reduce the weight loss. The answer is yes. I can write a robots.txt file to tell the search engines, these links, you can be ignored. For example, about us, contact us, advertising etc..

just built many new Adsense website, want to have what way to quickly promote their website. Sometimes become blind to. Without good planning system. The web site of the weight of pre cultivation will have a great impact. Our website is like a seed, you choose from the soil, seeds, planting, cultivation, to take care of you. There is no pre lay a good foundation. The day after tomorrow will affect the success of. Now a lot of open source program. Like ASP generally used PowerEasy more, PHP is more than DEDECEMS.

third is a lot of new Adsense will add a few days in the article did not go to the chain. This is not good. A newly established new station, should not go to the chain, the search engine will think you are false. We are the most important in the new period is to do a good job in the chain, so that the entire site has an orderly link. Search engine to crawl. Is conducive to the user experience.

fourth is the content of the original. New content will be less. Many novice station grew up won’t have too much patience to write original articles or false original article, directly to the acquisition, this is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon. Every day is not too much of the original. One to two articles on the line. Reprint some. Specify the source. Rich website content. The search engine also know the website is not possible all content is original. Appropriate reprint articles is conducive to Shanghai dragon.

second is a lot of new adsense. A website to do it. Sometimes a structure, not a few articles, directly to the search engine submission site. In fact, this is not good, if we build a house, the doors and windows are not installed, call the people of the housing is not to make the house people feel very friendly. The search engine is the same. The search engine included your site the purpose is to find a solution to the requirements of the proposed search results for people. You a website, what content, or some channels, there is no column of an article. This will let the search engine think your site is not professional. Not a good website. It is recommended that novice webmaster, not the establishment of the website to submit your site to search engines.