Website optimization voting strategy is just outside the chain of production

familiar with the Shanghai dragon industry know the website optimization in recent years is not very good, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er began to switch, that is at an end without Shanghai dragon profit possible. Of course, some people continue to adhere to, because we think, no matter how search engines change, the user is not the lack of information for the query. There is a market demand, then the Shanghai dragon will not disappear. Today I want to Dennis and website optimization problem we discussed is a search engine on the voting principle.

only in terms of the site to vote, it is not outside the chain of a single vote, the site itself is within the chain link is the existence of the vote. The difference is, the chain’s vote from the external website weight transfer, the key lies in the set of weights; internal voting site is elected as the weight of the page, is better for customer service, to participate in the search engine rankings, but no matter what kind of way to vote, they are still on the site itself. So, if you want to vote to achieve the purpose of website ranking, website quality improvement is imperative.

says the voting principle, just before the Dennis articles we already know. The majority of the voting weights from the links between the transfer, but here we have to ask, do well the chain will be able to get high quality vote? Obviously not so! We know, website optimization is an integrated marketing process, one of the factors influencing the vote as a website ranking, and alone can not absolute website ranking position. And, in order to obtain high value of voting, the site itself quality problem is the most important. This, I think Dennis, search engine voting principle is actually one of the external manifestation of the overall site optimization.

third, web site keywords layout.

second, website head set. The website contains header set website title, description, keyword, title is the site most has the weight part, here I do not propose to optimize keywords stack, the best is simple, choose the main 1~2 of a product or service vocabulary display; description, it can be directly mapped to the snapshot, so we can be the main and key information display sites which also note number can not be too small, otherwise the spider will randomly select other website text as a website, this is not conducive to the overall site optimization; keyword we choose 3~4 keywords to illustration, don’t will be a large number of keyword stuffing in the head, so as to avoid the page weight too scattered, but not conducive to the website ranking.

first, the website structure layout. Our website layout in the flat + tree structure, so that users can access and spider is more intuitive, is the most simple logical layout, and the site is used in bread crumbs navigation and Obe Ji navigation system will be the layout of the site into an orderly.