Summary May 2012 four noble baby PR value update


and tui56 believe that the Forum – like Wang Baochen waiting for noble baby PR value update webmaster friends is absolutely not in the minority, half a month ago looking forward to the noble baby PR value update, there may be some of my friends said that PR is in fact before the clouds? Wang Baochen said, do so long time at hand is not a run the PR value to 5 sites, who do not want to go beyond their own, counting the time is early May the most basic mid nobility baby PR value of the update, this morning part of the development of the PR value of the site has been updated, summed up the following:

PR update effect

two and PR

An improved value update plate and the countries and regions

is now the Yahoo directory will still search engines determine quality of the site is the same, some famous server providers store website space below some updated, such as network, tui56 Forum – morning Wang Baochen asked dozens of webmaster circle of friends, the most results in addition to update the PR website is a small part of foreign space, there are domestic PR website updates, features of their unity is the server space is nets. The space below the visible well-known institutions sites will be calculated as the statistical range of priority update pr >

in the morning to see the PR value update, nature will definitely go some often go to the webmaster circle, such as Shanghai 28tui, tui18, why Phoenix, tui56 the webmaster forum to watch other webmaster friends, found that this update now changes and a few websites rarely, including tui56- Wang Baochen learned the PR value updated website are foreign server, mostly in Europe, the United States, Hongkong and South Korea more space ratio. Figure:

, three well-known server space agencies update priority


noble baby some time ago has come up with a new algorithm called " ", penguin; release time was at the end of April. The basic algorithm for enterprise web site optimization excessive. Think back to the last time and the last PR value update, basically the first batch updates, and then in the PR value update fine-tuning, and today the May 4, 2012 PR update is the first local update, in a large number of subsequent updates, not only reminiscent of the penguin algorithm has just launched the affect the pr value update algorithm.


bbs.tui56贵族宝贝 forum in the United States space space, the PR value from 0 to 2. Through this we can draw the following foreign and local, IP server site a lot of PR value has been updated, one of the factors of updating the reference value: noble baby PR is in accordance with the updated state of the geographical distribution of global plate.