The 30 day count every minute and second to make your website to enter the home page ranking

spider refers to the direct path specification in web crawling, the best is the ancient Huashan Road, if there are two paths, so the author suggests using robots function of shielding one. The search engine is the same for dynamic and static websites, but for dynamic website path is not too long, the directory is not too deep, in order to facilitate the spider crawling is the best website into pseudo static.

3, a good web content classification.


algorithm into the keyword click ranking can get such a result, common words are usually within the page and home page, the proportion of the page content quality; popular words is home, mainly because of the comprehensive quality of the weight of the page; popular words are the inside pages, which relates to the professional website. Content oriented is the main group, only professional users will search for words to upset. Thus we can see that the keyword judgment is not love Shanghai index, but the intensity of competition keywords.

1, good readability.


furthermore, keywords ranking show way is web content, which means that the website content through the screening mechanism of search engine is very important. Good collection is an important factor in ranking of the website. To solve the problem is to solve the problem of value included in the web page.

2, good website structure

website optimization, to the site’s conversion rate, to the site traffic, but the premise is the website in search engine ranking. We know that any keywords to participate in the search engine rankings are in fact there is a cycle, this cycle is usually in about 3 months. And I tell you now, when entering the home only 30 days, do you believe? This is today the author Dennis to share site optimization so that the new station in how wise remark of an experienced person, 30 days into the search engine results page.

We observe the We know that Want to quickly enter the

is one of the website structure included conditions, the current search engine and user access data show that the site uses a flat structure tree (home channel page) is a big boost for collection.

website ranking, the content is very important, especially the content correlation is the priority among priorities. The correlation between content classified as a class in the website content classification, for the relatively weak correlation content is best in another column, although not be quite distinct from each other but can clear choice, website content, the screening.

The web page

search engine selection mechanism, in the form of graphic combination page will be included in the bonus, also occupy a certain advantage. This is also the author of the new requirements in 30 days to enter the top ten, then the readability of the page is very important, such as non famous brand and has a large number of user groups of the website, it is best not to use flash, JavaScript and pure pictures page.

4, a good path.