On the three old Shanghai dragon continued

so every day for the site to enter the high quality of the original article is king. What is the content of high quality? High quality content refers to the first, useful to the user, the user can solve the problem. The second is the original article, is written by himself, not those who rely on the copy and paste to the article. The only way to get the user’s favor, but also can make search engines love on your website.

The ultimate goal of The

content is king, the content is a web site of the soul, not the content of the website is like a dead-alive person. Even if you have good rankings but ultimately unable to get user acceptance and win customers favor.

so persistent increase for the web site outside the chain is one of the most important work, how to continue to increase the chain? The easiest way is through blogs, forums and other channels to make the chain, you can easily go to another through the soft, a large number of extensive chain. Besides these there is Links, this is the search engine is an effective link approved.

2: continue to create content

1: increasing chain

chain building continued under the premise, but also follow a principle: step by step. To steadily increase the chain, so as to make the search engine that is a natural link, remember.

day of uninterrupted rule for website enter the fresh "blood" is one of our Shanghai dragon Er will do the work of one of the core work is the work of Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon I believe is to rely on the content of winning.


3: continue to attract visitors attention


chain, one will always be the webmaster and talked about topic. The chain search engine is a standard to judge the weight of your site, is also a factor in the search engine algorithm. Admittedly, if a website has a lot of high quality and high weight outside the chain, then his ranking effect is good. As for the future search engine will look at how the chain that is after the matter, at least for now, the chain still occupies a crucial position in Shanghai Longfeng work.

is to face the work of Shanghai Longfeng visitors, one can let visitors visit the site will continue to be search engine in favor of. There may be some people don’t understand, I explain the development of the search engine is the answer: Internet users who rely on?. So if your web site allows Internet users to love, then the search engine must not neglect, he neglect your website is directly neglect the user, not the user is fatal to search engine. >

Shanghai dragon is a work of a continuous effort to achieve the desired results, he needs to continue and accumulation. Shanghai Longfeng not only once and for all, to learn how to continue to work, to the best of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai eusci dragon from three aspects about how to continue: