The latest analysis of the novel network how to choose keywords

, competitive

, heat index,

I suggest that the beginning of the site to choose the index is relatively small, the first small keywords to start, we can love the Shanghai words, look at the key words is the home page link, or paging link, if it is difficult to recommend keywords page links in the optimization of course, we can also use the tools, love Shanghai search of course, this is how keyword optimization, tool to the difficulty level, or their own key!

2. pop novels read

3. novel txt download


we can look at the micro-blog blog, the author of the novel, the relevant information that their next novel, we can also go to some customers view book list, the lower the heat can be worth a visit optimization, a comprehensive look at the key words have the potential to share, this is more difficult to describe clearly in short, all aspects, objective view, see the potential good words start as soon as possible, do not miss every opportunity. Of course, potential exploration finished or like that, the love of Shanghai Google search to see, there is no one who has eyes on the word.


three, bait

we present novel words in general the following:

1.’s latest chapter (the long tail keywords Novels)

was the first to know how to distinguish between keyword index, heat is very important, see there must be many people feel the heat index and is not? The higher the heat index is high, this is indeed true, but I said today is not the books overall heat, but this book at each site in the heat! In fact, many people choose the novel keywords, there is herding effect, such as the magic day in mind this book, many webmaster see some of the novels in this book stand optimization, keywords and have been piled up the books, there will be many webmaster with copy in, this is what I want to say imagine you are in heat, war piled up the key words, we have a new competition?

Two Keywords

article from: Magic cloud novel network (www.moyunwang贵族宝贝) released the original reprint keep the link

then we should be how to choose keywords?


4. novel site name (now more and more people use the name of others) – of course at present some novel website name piracy day index is up to tens of thousands of

  before starting, the author first please think about a problem, how to do Shanghai dragon novels stand in so many peers is out of