2014 Shanghai dragon will not die will live well

will die?

there is a strange phenomenon is that the search engine user behavior in an effort to imitate, trying to search the user’s point of view, how to provide better and more high quality search results. The webmaster friends and Shanghai dragon er who has always concerned about changes in search engine algorithm, even to the sensitive point, a little.


Shanghai dragon did not work and more and more difficult to do

2013 is the love in Shanghai is a turbulent year, most of the Shanghai dragon Er feel Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, even a lot of friends will be pessimistic that 2014 Shanghai dragon will slowly die, deeply hopeless Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have to switch…… My view is that Shanghai dragon will not die, but live very well. Because fundamentally speaking, the search engine to provide better search results for users to search, what is the Shanghai dragon, also some people known as the "site optimization", so we can actually understand: in essence, "site optimization" is one of the Shanghai dragon Er really should do the work. Site optimization work includes: provide more valuable, more high-quality web content and web site optimization search engine program structure to reduce the difficulty of the work. Since Shanghai Longfeng work is to search the user value and search engine friendly, Shanghai dragon and how


to tell the truth, Shanghai Longfeng work is never more difficult, a lot of people think it is because before doing the "too easy", I remember the first time just to write a title can have a good ranking, then keyword stuffing…… The search engine is a program, have experienced from simple to complex, to gradually mature process of growth from the tender. Is not too mature in the search engine technology, as a Shanghai dragon Er is to compensate for the lack of search engines, or by the lack of search engine, this is perhaps our work of Shanghai dragon er. Saying here, maybe you will understand: in a sense, Shanghai dragon is actually more easy! Because the search engine technology is more mature, Shanghai dragon Er need to do to make up for the defects of technology search engines work less. For example, if the search engine can identify the picture, then we have no need to increase the ALT for some pictures label; and if the search engine can read the article to determine the content of the theme, so we don’t need to take care of that "it" add key word "bold" in the article, some tags, and if it even can determine the value of content, so can the subjective judgement of the value of the site’s content rather than by visitors user browsing time, browse the depth of "backward" technology…… Similarly, we think that the Shanghai dragon er’s work has become more and more difficult because the "loopholes" have become less and less, the real test of the quality of the site "era.

Shanghai dragon how to do: you can turn around the search engine algorithm but you can’t round round