From the Shanghai dragon optimization service fee on the development direction of Shanghai Dragon

social media.

believe that many Shanghai dragon er who is taboo to talk about this topic, including the so-called masters level. Two extreme reasons, high fees and low fees to say not to export; the so-called high is a big opening, this is very normal in a few years ago, the customer is satisfied, is a win-win outcome. This situation is what we want and can’t get. To those medical violence such as how to optimize site scenery, also earned pours, let a person very nostalgic, but now, there are Baidu, GG, Chi, Sogou big power, a garbage station, H station, SF station and stir, black chain. Overnight Shanghai dragon who is everywhere, this time on income, it is an insult to them. So say.


a customer’s site, remaining for a year, I can solve the problem, before the establishment of the company to do is to find online, including the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng promised a total of 358 yuan fee. Ten months after that, IP changed back to the 8, for the 3 IP, the largest one month no wonder, this price is the loss of others. I gave him the price is ten times the price, first started in 50%, paid to the home page. This price is not high, is to look at the person of Shanghai dragon scruples. I charge half only enough space for me and report the cost of Shanghai, to be honest, at least not to eat Shanghai dragon also, difficulty to difficulty, can offer humble, illustrate the architecture, service interface, customer is not unreasonable; it is difficult to talk to customers customers think of him or his site, we do not take this list, because at that time his complaints and comments will destroy you.

search engine in constant change, the previous ideas to work using the same keywords, people in different parts of the search display rankings are not the same, Shanghai Longfeng increased difficulty, social media websites popular, many people are now global in the social media sites, their daily activities are closed bolt interaction above, now it seems not to replace the search engine, but there is no doubt that he is the most popular. There are a number of cross industry development, it is said that the 360 will do the search. This will bring pressure to us, traffic to social media sites. The search in the top are their shadows.

now the Shanghai dragon market and pure Shanghai dragon, I do not think much, yesterday CCTV news shows a problem, the so-called Hubei stock master hung, we have seen, he said a sentence "I just give them the training, I did not buy them", "I don’t buy, because I did not earn money to buy their own"…. Shanghai, the situation here is not where to go, to train students to the circle is so big, no post, check if there are navy; Shanghai Longfeng legislation, I think we should go in a lot of people. Shanghai dragon who can hold their own bottom line, stick with it will be the last laugh.