Summary of the 10 skills in the process of Shanghai Dragon

6, noble baby love Shanghai, love is not on the flash and JavaScript in the text, put there may not be included, unless a same content HTML space for search engines;

; The weight of

7, Sitemap must do, let the spider know site;

well, the first to write 10 points, then after the general >

9, the revision will be affected. Including change theme, change site title. Well, this weekly collecting, just on the line is changed a few times, no way, who told the topic just changed very slowly?

10, the title is the most important for the search engines is miserable; I also changed several times theme.


3, Shanghai love for their home products more preferences, so once in love Shanghai know or find links to love Shanghai space, is included, so I made a new general love Shanghai that made a paste, and then go to Shanghai to write a blog what love space;

4, foreign space noble baby included faster; weekly collecting using foreign space station, has included the noble baby, but fell in love with the sea in addition to accept a page, the other are not static;

1, the search engine is to simulate the human browsing behavior, grasping effective information, and they are stored according to the statistics, the search results will show people, so with the claim that content is king. Write the content attractive, so that a search engine will also like people are attracted, will also recommend to others;


8, the search engine more love simple and clear structure of the page, like people, even smarter than people to love the logical structure of

2,贵族宝贝.Net, to love Shanghai,.Org more preference, while the domestic cn is discriminated against. This is what others say, concrete is not clear, because the station is used by贵族宝贝

do independent of children’s shoes, would have thought how to do the optimization? Focus on fresh, creative, boutique, fashion weekly for using the WordPress program, to optimize their own template without what big action. After a period of time on the station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also on the Internet all kinds of tutorials about, including previously read a book in the bookstore "Shanghai dragon 50 asked" is, summarizes some Shanghai dragon skills, it will share this! Now the station has been basically aristocratic baby on the station included.

5, technical is easier to be included. This should be the case, as long as it is a new problem, it is easier to be included. I wrote a lot of space in the QQ, but one is not found, but an encounter with a ASP technical problem, but the solution must write out, it becomes the QQ space only love Shanghai included;