Love of Shanghai bidding problems and Solutions

2: Click to show the amount accounted for the proportion is too small, is also the click rate is too low; the core keywords * *, show only 21.40 times per click for thousand times, the click rate is 2.14%;

2: Aiming at the problem of low hit rate, of which there are two reasons for the study: first is your bidding price is low, cause your PPC or home page on the right is second pages and so on; second is your creative enough to attract attention, even if you bid after the final ranking is up, but because you creative (title) statements are not fluent, long sentence, expression of less information, the user is not on the final.

The first reason for Keywords

inside competition price is high, we can not change from subjective;

4: there are some problems in the use of wildcard characters;


5 quality needs to be improved and the importance of the quality of the key words of

Click to show the amount of consumption on average price hits average ranking cost of communication

1: the high cost of communication, to * * keywords, three days a weighted communication cost reached 784.9 yuan;

3: the account structure is not clear, the plan in a single unit, some parts of speech, word meaning is different in one unit;

with a plan on my hand as an example, the main problems:

Click to show the amount of consumption hits thousand show

1: Aiming at the problem of the high cost of communication, there are two main reasons: first, the high price competition is key words (one implied reason is your keyword quality is low, below second is analysis); less communication;


4: use a wildcard, there are two main wildcard characters: the first is the keywords described; the second is to make creative in rotation or the selected time can be finished.

3: according to the account structure is not clear, one of the most important work is to tell some late part of speech, meaning the same keywords and transfer to a unit, such as creative, and coherent sentences, and write on creativity is good.


for two reasons can be said is a problem with the core keywords * *, the communication rate is 7:1, that is to say the 7 search keywords from Shanghai love search box and our site has 7 people, but only 1 people and our online communication. The big one is our website can provide users with too many things, the user experience is not the best; the other is some other.


in the two cases, the first solution is appropriate to improve your bidding price; second is to write a good idea;