APP developers worry for Security Bill increased cost of mobile development

Ministry of industry is building a mobile application authentication and management services to enhance the security management of intelligent terminals." The Ministry responsible person yesterday on the "First Financial Daily" said, at present, in order to solve the safety problems of the intelligent terminal, inside has indeed clearly need a set of Android app store and APP market management mechanism, including monitoring and inspection before the audit and after the line.

smart phone shipments in 2011 has exceeded PC, people’s lives began to rely more on intelligent terminals, but the resulting security issues become increasingly prominent.

At present, Android

"is a serious problem in our country, the first half of this year were intercepted 17000 types of malware, including 78% from the Android platform, the virus infection proportion has exceeded 1/4." AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi told reporters that the regulation does not mean that fees, specific policies should still be studied.

record has long been discussed

Ministry of industry has been doing related work." Zhu Yingbo, deputy general manager of China Telecom digital music operations center, told reporters that the relevant technical supervision of the mobile terminal has been discussed.

In August

held a terminal operators and Application Conference, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute official disclosed that the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute is implementing "the support of independent intellectual property rights of the mobile intelligent terminal operating system testing and certification system development" and "mobile application software certification and management of software development the two major projects related to intelligent terminal security.

the person in charge, the technical root of mobile intelligent terminal security problems exist in the application software layer, the terminal operating system layer, the terminal hardware layer of these three levels. To solve these problems, in addition to the need to deal with technical measures of safety evaluation, will also involve terminal application software communication channels (mobile application store) and supporting the safety management of the third party application server provides the application service.

therefore, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute has established a mobile intelligent terminal security standard system, "mobile intelligent terminal security design guidelines", "mobile terminal security capabilities technical requirements" and the test method of terminal security standards have been submitted for approval, "application software store safety technical requirements", "mobile code signing technical requirements" the application store standard has been approved.

"software on-line pre audit, on-line supervision, even through the reporting mechanism to encourage users to find security issues, after the discovery of security issues, to the application software problems to the next frame, the disposal of the relevant responsible party." The insider said.

Ministry of telecommunications economic expert committee secretary general Chen Jinqiao revealed in an interview, in addition to monitoring technology, the future will also put the whole platform into the overall, standardized management system, at the same time, service providers and content providers should also increase self cleaning, renovation of malicious APP>