the Amoy little takeaway requests explicit through food chain at any cost

, including local food and beverage consumption data is more abundant than shopping data / multi-dimensional, from the perspective of big data, the strategic significance of Ali is self-evident.

When it comes to food and beverage,

thinks of a very interesting thing. Held by Ali group in the 2010 Conference on network operators, South Beauty Group Chairman Zhang Lan has spluttered reviewed the business history of South beauty. She said that after returning entrepreneurship has studied Chinese, each cuisine is selected hundred dishes taste of Sichuan, because consumer groups and consumption frequency in the probability of survival, may be greater.

indeed so far, the Chinese food and beverage brands are still very few, can be less successful chain management, because it has been difficult to get rid of the localization of the restaurant curse.

Five hundred million consumption data

backed Ali group, plus the current food just, Amoy little hope to the localization of food demand aggregation, hatching more from scratch, from small to large Chinese restaurant brand, similar to the Internet today the original retail brand based on the same.

retail so, dining can also be so.

mobile food consumption frequency greater than the frequency of consumption of mobile shopping, food consumption frequency was higher than the meal consumption frequency, Amoy little in 2014 the most important strategy is through the delivery and store scheduled to two business line, at all costs, the catering industry chain through.


takeaway demand explicit

Amoy little in 2013 to test the water to take out the business, in the year of 2014 in January reached 100 thousand copies of a single day orders peak, this figure is the same with the hungry single day single peak value of almost flat in 80 thousand. In the takeaway business to promote the speed of Amoy a little bit of confidence in the Amoy little inside, we have thought it was almost impossible to complete the task.

this also allows us to rethink, if the dismantling of these 100 thousand single, in fact, is only a little bit of Amoy opened a few major cities such as North Canton hang contribution. If a rough estimate of each city, the average single volume in more than ten thousand single, but whether the single volume in which city, compared with the real takeaway market, the proportion is very small, even negligible. This shows that just need to take a very large takeaway, Amoy little takeaway space can be very large.

then Amoy began to pay attention to food and beverage and take a piece of this. In contrast, the market is very fragmented, each region just to be in the consumer population is very concentrated, with undergraduate and CBD business people, mainly in the low-end takeaway, but has not been a good platform to provide and meet this demand, no big platform to lead.

so how to meet such a big need to rely on Ali group’s platform resources and 500 million of the consumer data, Amoy little just to take food, including takeaway, just need to be dominant.

Amoy point