The development of Witkey integrity is the kingly way

      as Liu Feng proposed the new concept of Witkey to now, towards the industrialization pace, now Witkey fierce competition in the industry. The market tends to gradually leading the site 70% share many stop killing each other. By the end of 2007 -2008 years, will be eliminated and the formal Witkey industry into the timing. What is the normal business and Witkey? This topic has been controversial, but now more and more people to distinguish between formal and business standards are determined by the integrity of the site.

      as a newly emerging mode of Witkey neither traditional B2B, B2C, also is not the pure Web2.0, the essence of Witkey mode is a platform, an online trading platform for creative services, emphasis is on task release and Witkey interaction, and thus more easily to find the answer. It was destined to Witkey website must pay attention to the integrity of the task if the publisher of the false or false identity and the emergence of Witkey "vest" to replace itself, so Witkey mode loses its essence meaning.

      domestic Witkey industry website, in the honesty do this a good website is nothing more than a few. K68, the task Chinese, Baba, pig Witkey Witkey Chinese. As for K68, always be respected by the people, the early start, do website, won a lot of Witkey identity, it is used to practise fraud have occurred, however, its credibility is very high, trustworthy. The task Chinese, very rapid development momentum, the current has also received a large limelight, can be said to be rich. It also attaches great importance to the integrity of cheating, Witkey combat can be said to be quite severe, but to say over, if the site is not cheating you need so much effort to fight? Oh, can not, but no matter how, the task China integrity is also the. Here have to mention a Witkey Witkey Baba, Baba started several other sites later, but the integrity of the value is more than people imagine. According to news reports, the website is the first national Ministry of public security and cooperation through the use of identity website for publishing tasks and receiving tasks through identity verification through Witkey, thus eliminating the "vest". Here, on behalf of the grassroots of the integrity of the Palestinian people pay so much attention to salute a witkey.

      and the pig, the foreign slogan is do Witkey industry integrity of the site, the CEO is to say no good, don’t want to succeed. At this point, we can see that the importance of honesty. As we all know, pig eight quit ahead of the route is hype as the dominant, so its popularity in the Internet is very high. But when it was originally released by the hype of the 300 thousand major tasks, to today has been N years, after a vote again and again