Female college graduates into the shop 2000 yuan rooted Taobao earned $300 thousand in three years

in real life, most people like to talk about the success of the legendary story, and all the hardships as a condiment, it seems that the hardships can further strengthen the legendary. However, when we try to restore those successful early struggle, and trying to find the secret hidden behind the so-called "gold digging", that is the twists and turns of life as it is, there is no legend. As the saying goes: from 0 to 1 from 1 to 100 is more difficult, because 0 to 1 is a qualitative change in the process, while 1 to 100 is the icing on the cake of the quantitative change process. Indeed, for every one has been successful or still walking on the road to success of people, from 0 to 1 across the "first pot of gold" is very valuable and important, after all the roller coaster rolling process fast enough to make people grow mental experience. Whether Li Jiacheng, Liu Chuanzhi, Liu Yonghao, or Ma Yun, Ren Zhengfei, Pan Shiyi, are in hardships to seek the "gold", really ushered in the career and life transitions, and is making big strides forward capital.

in fact, for each of us to strive to realize self value by people, "gold" is not necessarily the hard work obtained a large amount of tangible capital, but also is an intangible experience and the accumulation of years of the command. This period of several protagonists Juequ "gold" may be your experience before I Frestech department to which paper dare

Shin Pyo

2000 yuan rooted Taobao earned $300 thousand

for three years

Nuggets tips: choose the project

Hero: Clara

now, online shopping has become more and more people’s daily life is a necessity, which led to the rise and growth of a large number of online shops. However, not all of the online sales of entrepreneurs can achieve the desired success, most of them eventually had to choose to quit in the face of harsh reality.

"network shop itself to lower the threshold, so the influx of natural persons to several times more than the store, so it is doomed to competition in the shop is opening to" hot. ". In this invisible customer battle, if you sell the product can not be enough to attract the target group, then the failure is only a matter of time. So in my opinion, is crucial to process the items from the ‘gold’ in digging in, even decided to win global." Taobao owner Clara in an interview with reporters first throws himself to the dig "gold" view. The shop has been 8 years of love, has been through their own efforts in Beijing Sanhuan buy Sanshiyiting apartment, and as far south as parents received around the family. In the eyes of friends around, seems to be the destiny and the fate of the yingzi favor the success it is today, so I wish you a happy voyage. bolanbujing. But all of this for the witness, but full of frustrations and hardships.

recalls just opened "process to earn first pot of gold", Clara Yang the joy of God.