Beautiful said Xu Yirong readme entrepreneurs should be bangdakuan

May 12th news billion state power network, in the ninth session of the 2014 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference, said the beautiful founder Xu Yirong shared the traffic in the entrepreneurial process of mining experience, he entrepreneurs must declare in no uncertain terms, "bangdakuan" in the early days, try to find resources, bigger flow.

Xu Yirong said in the website focus on shared beautiful drainage "experience, the Tencent hold the thigh billion state power network will be organized as follows:


beauty says founder Xu Yirong



and stingy

said that the establishment of the beautiful just had a little more than four years, in 2011, we began to work with the Tencent wide point, was the main form of cooperation is to advertise. When we had finished A round of financing, the company is relatively small, no money, with the wide point of cooperation can not afford money. This in turn, if the initial wasteful spending that is not reliable, so I think they also need to dig a little more people.

2012 is when we compare the fierce hit wide point, then we will probably peak a month invested 20 million yuan. But I explain that our strategy is adjusted in different stages, in 2012, we have had some opportunities, need the competition, because the way to go, all men are up, you get the user’s flow will become increasingly expensive, so I can see this bash.

of course, at this stage, the money should be very careful, we call this thing called precise guidance, do not pay attention to universal coverage. Like a box of matches, the process of playing a match, in this process must be a big wood, because I do not know if you can point, I use the smallest resources to make a single attempt. Every time we spend the money we want to be a thousand units, very small, the key is that I am looking for bright spots and rules.

but when I find a bright spot, quickly into the second stage, I have all the money into, so that it forms a very high barrier, the people behind is very difficult to copy. So, if the first phase of spending money, you will surely die. But if you don’t continue after the first phase, you will continue.

was then found highlights

regardless of the PC side or on the phone, I will insist on the original play: at the beginning of a very frugal, find a bright spot, do it carefully, and then quickly enlarge.

For example when

first made wide point, we see the above in the QQ space, most people speak a little short of content, so in the above, we can feel like to add some content in, so we made some interesting test, for example a personality test.